Monday, 17 January 2011

wedding dress

First off I would like to say a big thank you to all those who have either left a message here for T or sent me an email about him. He was absolutely chuffed to receive so many messages wishing him well. Each one really cheered him up.

So, back during our trip to Winchester last weekend I snapped this shop as we wandered past as it's where I bought my wedding dress nearly 14 years ago.
As we were getting married in a registry office I knew I didn't want a 'meringue' dress but wasn't sure exactly what I did want. I had looked in a few shops and nothing had grabbed me, apart from a £90 dress in Monsoon and as our wedding was being done on a very tight budget because we were buying our first home together too I had to think about the cost of everything.
Each year myself and my (then) best friend would go to the Ideal Home exhibiton on an organised coach trip and one of the drop off points was Winchester. We were chatting away, as you do, when I just happened to be looking out the window as we drove past this shop and there in the window was the dress for me! I rang them as soon as I thought they would be open again and asked them to put it by for me. Then on my next day off I went with my dad and my sister C to try it on.

I loved it.
The underskirt makes that wonderful swishing sound when you walk!
The way it hangs from just under the bust and flares out is very flattering which was a plus

and the detailing on the top was just enough.

The lady in the shop told me the person who they were selling it for had bought it for a cruise but had never worn it, all the labels were still attached. I'm so glad she didn't and that it got to be mine.


  1. What a gorgeous dress and it was obviously meant for you!

    Victoria xx

  2. A really beautiful dress. I did have quite a full skirted dress for my wedding even though it was register office job. But my loved it as well as me. So it seemed fate.

    Hope poor T is on the mend. It sounds like he has had a nasty time of it.

    MBB x

  3. Well how strange I thought about doing a post on my wedding dress, after the fashion one I did.
    Dont think I'll get into it though!

    Its sort of similar to yours, in that it flares out below the bust, mine was lavender though!

    Bet you're glad you didnt o for a meringue..I know I am.


  4. What a lovely dress, and such a special find. Was definatly fate.
    Hope T's arm is ok and he is feeling better.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  5. That's a beautiful dress.I wish I hadn't chosen a Di type for my wedding..but then that was the fashion at the time.
    Hope T is bearing up well. :0)

  6. Thats gorgeous Lisa, and if you ever go on a cruise, you can wear it again! Does it still fit? (mine goes nowhere near!!!!) xxxxx

  7. What a beautiful dress, Lisa. I was hoping when I scrolled down to the bottom of your post that there'd be a wedding pic of you and G, would love to see you wearing the dress x

  8. What lovely memories!
    I'm with you, I don't like meringue dresses too

  9. Fabulous dress, right place right time, was meant to be

    Hugs Jill xx

  10. Fabulous dress! Hope T is on the mend.

  11. your dress is very pretty! i can't believe we were in winchester at the same time, we could have seen each other in ck and not even known it! maybe in the summer we should meet there or at gunwharf - paperchase! did you see the famers market? after we had mooched around we had a pasty by ck and listened to the busker before heading back up the hill!
    poor T, how is he now?
    fliss xxx

  12. Oh it's beautiful! I had something similar for a dance as a teen!