Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another Wander by the Water

What another wonderfully mild and Spring like day we have enjoyed today. So mild in fact we were able to go out without coats or jackets, although for the paddling

wellies were a necessity.

Although I must admit I stayed out of the water most of the time preferring to seek out little treasures along the shore

but we all enjoyed being out in the fresh air no matter what we did. S kept running around shouting out how everything was 'so much fun.'

We saw a different part of the shoreline today as we started our walk from where we normally end up. The first thing we came to was the sailing club where through a hole in hedge we could see a few of the boats which had just taken to the water.

Part of the sea wall had holes cut into it quite low down, perfect for peeping through!

Our last new find was Netley Castle. The link gives lots of information about the castle. It's only been in it's present state for over 100 years, although there has been a defensive building here for many centuries. Unfortunately when it was converted into apartments a few years back another addition was made and it wasn't very sympathetically done so one end looks new and concretey and doesn't quite have the character of this older part.

It's certainly been a weekend for discovering new old buildings on our doorstep.


  1. I love the way she is full of fun - may it continue forever. xxxx

  2. I can see that you've all been having lots of fun. I think we're due a trip to the coast.

  3. Your photos are superb ! What a fun time and I've just caught up on your last post too - so interesting. I love how you make everything an adventure.

  4. Spring is definitely in the air, isn't it? Love the pic of T & S looking through the little hole! x

  5. I think that the photo where everyone is silhouetted and the water is sparkly is the loveliest one I have seen in a long time. Sigh!!!