Saturday, 25 February 2012

P-p-pick up a Parcel

One of the cards sent to T for his birthday didn't have the correct postage value on it so couldn't be delivered and instead we had to collect it from the local sorting office.

As it was so bright and mild it seemed like a good idea to take a walk to collect it rather than hopping into the car.

The sorting office is on a small industrial park off of a very busy road and just before you reach it, set back from the road, you get a tantalising view of a listed building. It's an old manor house which has been converted into apartments and there is a sign warning it's Private Property so unfortunately this is the best look you can get of the front

but a better view can be found of the back, although it's not quite so attractive as you can see all the later add ons to the original building. I would like to meet someone who lives there to get a better look round!
As we walked round by the side of the house we glimpsed a view of the river

and this is what we saw once we were past the trees. We had a great uninterrupted view of the river, those living near it and those out enjoying it in boats and canoes.

Once we had collected the card we took a different route back as I was hoping to find an unusual house I had once read about in a newspaper a few years ago.

First we passed a small boat yard where S saw and instantly liked these colourful boats and wanted a photo of them

then past an apartment building named Swan Court

until we found the building I was after. It was described in the article I read as being an oversized chess piece. Now I would love to see inside this home too.

To end this post there are a couple of completely random photos which I have included as I liked the texture in both of them.

One of them is a gnarled part of a fallen tree trunk

and the other weathered boards by the water's edge.


  1. I can definately see a face in that tree trunk!
    What an interesting walk to the parcel office. :0)

  2. What a lovely way to go and get the card .... our sorting office is behind Blockbusters in town! THe colourful boats are pretty!

  3. What a lovely walk to have on a lovely day. The view of the lake was very pretty and can see why S liked the colourful boats, I would of too.

    I love it when you find really interesting old buildings, it really does get the imagination going.

    Happy belated birthdays to your two lovlies. You must have lots of fun celebrating them both!

    MBB x

  4. LOVED that walk and all your interesting finds. What is you river called? The boats make a great photo, xxxx

  5. I can see a face in that tree trunk too!
    Ooh yes would like to join you for a look inside the chess piece.

  6. A loveley scenic walk! Lots of great photos of interesting things :)

  7. I love that chess piece house, I wonder who lives in it. A lovely walk to the sorting office.

  8. A lovely unexpected walk, sometimes they are the best. Lovely photos.

  9. Well worth the walk to explore!

    Victoria xx