Sunday, 5 February 2012


These past few days have been very busy. Busy with lots of fun things.

I went to London on Thursday for a visit to the Natural History Museum.
I went with S.
And the rest of her year group and 20 other adult helpers.
Oh my goodness what a full on day that was.
A lot of fun, but we were all pretty tired by the end.

Friday was work and then home and a quick change and out again for a meal with the group of colleagues I had worked with for the past 5 years until my change of office last year. As we had all left a different times and gone to different places a meal out was a good way to get together and have a proper goodbye to the team we had been.

Yesterday the 4 of us nipped into town for a couple of hours as a few things were needed, including a birthday present for G's dad and today we have been to Salisbury for celebratory birthday lunch.

We've been to the Grasmere a few times over the years and the food is always tasty and the staff very friendly. This lovely painting of the hotel hangs by the entrance desk.

T took this lovely photo of G with his dad.

I thought I would include this photo of me as it's quite rare.
Yes I'm actually helping myself to broccoli from the mixed veg serving dish. I even ate a small piece of cauliflower!

So that's been the past few days around here. Thank you for the messages concerning my reaching 500 posts. I hope to get round and visit you all later this evening as I haven't been around for a fair few days and I'm sure there is lots of news to catch up on.
Actually I'm thinking of perhaps buying a laptop just for my own use, with us all wanting to use the internet each evening even when I am free to wander through blogland the computer isn't free to use, any recommendations would be appreciated.


  1. Good for you!!!! Veggies rule!!!
    I love the Natural History Museum ... but I think you must have some very excited little ones with you to get the most out of it!

  2. I can thoroughly recommend the laptop - I feel like a free woman now I have my own! xxxx

  3. You definitely need a laptop, it only gets worse as the kids get older. Well done on eating those veggies. You should start growing your own, there's nothing like it for an incentive to eat what you've grown. What a lovely photo of G and his dad, T's quite a professional with a camera.

  4. I am way behind on commenting, but must say I LOVE that photo of you. LOVE it!