Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February Scavenger Hunt

Here is my helping for this month scavenger hunt as organised for us by Kathy.

I have completely failed on the subject of Cupid but got all the others and they are as follows

One of our laundry baskets, doesn't happen often, just like the ironing basket!

Leap Year.
The leap year leaf on our weather tree.

One of the birthday cards sent to T. Who doesn't love the Where's Wally series.

One of T's many keyrings.

With the double birthday this month it just had to be one the cakes.

And her is the birthday girl with one of her presents from me and G. She is looking a bit concerned for some reason, but she does love it to bits.

Lots of love hearts on my lovely dresser which I love.

A plaque on a wall in the middle of town explaining that a church used to stand on this spot and it was here that Jane Austen worshipped when she stayed in the City.

In the Sky.
The Spinnaker tower at Portsmouth reaching up high into the sky.

Whilst sorting through the box where I keep birthday banners and candles I found a few balloons left over from a birthday a couple of years ago.

Black and White.
Tiles on the outside of a house spotted whilst we were on our walk on Saturday.

Thanks again go to Kathy for making sure we keep busy with the cameras.


  1. Super photos. I like your spinnaker tower. Nice to use some birthday ones for the themes too.

  2. Lots of lovely photos there, but the lovliest of them all has to be the empty laundry basket, it doesn't get much better than that, does it?

  3. Great photos, I especially like 'in the sky'. I thought of digging out a where's Wally card I received at Christmas for crowded, but I couldn't be bothered to open the box as it's packed and sealed!

  4. The empty washing basket is the one that fascinates me most of all. Mine has never been empty!!! x

  5. Great shots - love Leap Year!

  6. I love Where's Wally and always enjoy grandson's books. I thought the empty wash basket was brilliant - such satisfaction!

  7. Nice photos, especially love the spinnaker pic and I agree with Jo, an empty laundry basket is a wonderful, if short-lived, thing! x

  8. What a lovely group of photos in the sky is great and I love the little hearts.

  9. Great photos and the laundry basket is brilliant. I aspire to an empty laundry basket. Our pile of ski stuff is still like a washing production line!
    Hope everyone had fantastic birthdays, Ellen

  10. Great photos! I love 'in the sky' and 'leap year' and like Simone relish the sight of an empty laundry basket. Thanks for your comment - I too prefer the Tunnocks wafers over the tea cakes:)

  11. What a great shot of the Spinnaker Tower.
    And how I envy your empty laundry basket - how ever did you manage that?