Monday, 13 February 2012

Welly Wander

Today I had to go to the shop and Post Office and because we had half a bag of stale bread I decided we would take the long scenic route and go via the duck pond. Then after reading my latest email from I thought we would take one of their suggestions and make it into a welly wander where we had to spot something that started with every letter of the alphabet. T and S did them all (with a little input from me) apart from K.

We began by putting on our coats and Zipping them up. We weren't the only people by the pond as we saw a few Dogwalkers.

Down by the waters edge we spotted a family of Water rats chasing each other around.

The Hungry ducks were very vocal with lots of Quacking and they did make us smile with their antics on the frozen Icy water. Down by the pond we saw lots of Feathers.

Crossing over the road to the park we followed the trail, passing the wooden noticeboard which had a Butterfly carved on it, to the bridge where we played Pooh sticks. It was here the children went for a paddle, tried to dam up the water and ended up with Orange hands. Walking along the path there was plenty of Squidgy mud and we spotted a couple of Tree monsters. We thought this one below had the look of a dragon about it.

As T and S continued eXploring I handed out some Yummy hot cross buns to help keep energy levels up and distract S from the fact she had just slipped over and had a very Muddy bottom! Passing an Upturned tree stump we saw a pair of discarded black Gloves before leaving the path and making our way over to the playground past a huge holly bush which still had a few Red berries on it along with all it's lovely glossy green Leaves.
Just by the park is a Chair carved out of a tree stump, S didn't like the look of it for sitting on so decided on a jaunty pose standing next to it.

After a quick play we made our way to the shops passing this red sign to warn drivers of the Adverse camber in the road

then past the New housing estate which was full of builders and their Vans
Into the Co-op for a couple of things for tea we noticed all the chocolate on display for Easter and then it was on home for lunch after snapping our last photo Johnny English 2.

I think I've remembered them all!


  1. Hey ho, you nature detectives! I had to look up "adverse camber" - wondering if I really am ready to drive in a foreign land...

    (Looks like you had lots of fun!)

  2. Brilliant! A perfect way to make going to the shops a joy. Well Done all. x

  3. well done! Great fun and I love a good welly wander myself!

  4. Fab Lisa - you are such a fun mum. I love the Nature Detectives - you even made the rats look attractive! xxx

  5. I love this Lisa! I remember doing something similar on long car journeys when my sister and I were little. :0)

  6. What fun. I bet T and S can't wait for a walk to the shops when you make it such a jaunt. I wondered how you'd do the X.

  7. Lol Sounds like a real great walk and great way for the kids to enjoy the outside.

    Who said going to the shops is boring?

    MBB x

  8. What a great way to get kids out for a walk!
    Looks like you all had a good time!

    Thanks for your comment on mine - its amazing how a little move around of furniture(i moved the bed to a different wall) and a different quilt and cushions can make a change - I love my new room, albeit it is small!
    Happy Valentines day to you!
    Gill xx

  9. Wow! It sounds like a cool experience for your kids..i bet you wasn't so thrilled with your laundry :-)
    Michela xxx

  10. There is nothing like a welly wander, it looks like fun... have a lovely weekend Lisa.

    Lou xxx

  11. Sounds like a very fun Welly Wander Adventure! :) I love the idea of having to spot something that starts with every letter of the alphabet..

  12. How amazing to see a water rat! Such a great idea for the kids to do the alphabet spotting - LOVE it, I am going to try it with my Godchildren.Hope you all have a great weekend,

    Love Sarah -x-

  13. What fun!!! Looks like you had a lovely time!