Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tassel Tussle

At the charity shop I volunteer in all of our hats, gloves and scarves are put into a couple of large plastic storage boxes and are sold for 50p each and at that price we sell a lot. As the boxes will be packed away soon I thought I would have a rummage to see what was in there and I found this stripy beauty. The only thing was I wasn't sure about the amount of tassels.

So I unknotted the tassels from one end and wore it around the house for a few hours, as you do, to help me decide.

The decision was made and the tassels were taken off the other end too. I think it looks much better that way.

I do have a use for them though.


  1. A lovely idea for your wool,and yes,the scarf does looks better without. :0)

  2. Lucky birdies, I should like to see a Jumble and Jelly nest!

    Love Sarah -x-

  3. I like it better without the tassles too. Funny you should link to that as I have been saving all the ends from my granny squares for the birds. Was about to do a post about it.

  4. LOVE the idea for using up the tassels - brilliant! Agree that the scarf looks far better without them.

  5. I love stripy scarves - Always cheer me up!
    The yarn idea ifor the birdies is fab.
    I've had people tell me they've put thier hair & this is also used!