Friday, 23 March 2012

Holy Rood part 2

Do you remember this post where I came across some sculptures in our City centre? After looking up details about them on line I found that there were others and so yesterday I went in search of them.

This lady is Dame Claramunda, what a fabulous name, who was a wealthy merchant who lived and traded in the area in the early 1200's. I think I'd like to know more about her.

Next up is an Agincourt Archer symbolising Henry V's troops who set sail for battle with the French from Southampton.

Finally we have a merchant sailor to signify all the traders who over the centuries have bought all kinds of goods into and out of the port. I do like the look on the faces of those sheep!

A little further up from the housing estate these sculptures are on is a another fairly recent addition to the City which ties in perfectly with it's long history with sea faring vessels.

Along the side of a now vacant pub the City have put up a series of panels depicting the history of the QE2. This one below talks about when she left the City for the final time. I was there for that, standing by the shore waving her goodbye. My dad had worked on when he was a young man in the Merchant Navy and so I felt I needed to go and say cheerio to her for him.

The anchor was presented to the City in 2010

and was put on display last year.

Holy Rood church you can be seen here in the background and the engraving on a nearby seat gives a brief history about it and how now after being bombed in WW2 it has become a memorial to the Merchant Navy.


  1. Aren't the sculptures lovely! Maritime history is fascinating!
    My dad was in the merchant navy too, until I was about four. I used to have great dresses from America!

  2. Thanks for that Lisa, I will have to look out for them when I'm in town next week.
    I hope all is ok with you and the family.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    Lou xxx

  3. What great sculptures! I really like Clara, hope you find out more about her.

  4. So interesting!
    Thank you for sharing Lisa!
    Have a good weekend!

  5. Such a lot of interesting history. I do love those sculptures, especially the sheep.

  6. Fascinating history & sculptures especially Clara