Thursday, 29 March 2012


I am beside myself with excitement.
A recent conversation led me to visit the treasure trove that is ebay.
And it came up trumps.
I can't explain how happy owning a copy of this annual again makes me.

Receiving a copy of Pink at Christmas was one of the highlights for me. I read each one cover to cover many, many times.

When this annual arrived in the post the other day and I opened it up see this first page I was instantly transported back to being 12 again.

Now that's what I call a centrefold pin up!

This may sound a bit daft, but this is almost like sharing pages from my diary here on the blog. I knew these games


quizzes and stories so well. Seeing them again after so long is just so special and it doesn't feel like it's been 30 years! It's like meeting up with a group of friends and talking about the good old days.


  1. I don't seem to remember Pink at all. Jackie and Blue Jeans were the ones I used to read, though what happened to them all I've no idea.

  2. I don't remember Pink Lisa. I used to get Blue Jeans and Jackie before that. How great to revisit it. x

  3. Gosh, I remember the name Pink but I can't remember reading it (maybe I was too old?). I remember the likes of Bunty, Mandy, Diana and Jackie. I still have one of my Diana annuals. I love the graphics. xx

  4. How lovely to be able to read again your fave teen magazine!

  5. I can't believe that I never read Pink! I used to read Jackie, Mates and My Guy and a neighbour used to save me Bunty, Judy, Mandy, Beano, Dandy, Topper and Beezer!!! I wish I had kept all those comics and magazines now. x

  6. I dont remember pink Lisa!?
    Nice to see you kept the make-up tips alive lol (joke)

    Meet up sometime?

  7. Just catching up with you Lisa = I dont remember Pink either! Its lovely to see your inner girl shining through. Loved your last couple of post - especially S's photo - she's really growing up! xxxx

  8. Hi Lisa. Thanks for the comment, and no I havnt come across this particular plant before and still cant believe the name.
    Its great that you have found so much pleasure in your new purchase. I cant pretend to remember it though it was far more the era of my daughter!x

  9. This is great - makes me want to rummage around and see if I still have any of my old Seventeen mags! Enjoy!!