Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Today is a bit of a jumble of various items of randomness, some of which I meant to include in other posts.

First up is a pair of pink flowery lace up pumps G bought to give me for Christmas. He hid them in the loft, forgot about them and then rediscovered them when he was putting all the decorations back up in mid January. Hopefully I'll get to wear them soon!
The plate they are sat on I bought for £1.50 from a charity shop, this will eventually be given to my sister once her birthday comes around.

Bargain tights, which match one of our cushion cover spookily well, bought on Saturday. Despite their floral prettiness, unlike the pumps I hope not to be wearing these woolly winter tights any time soon.

Spotted (!) in the 99p shop a summer picnic cool bag which just had to be mine in all it's red polka dottiness.

Talking of picnics we had a mini picnic back at the start of Feb.

Another Vintage fair was being held at the university and as we had found some great things the first time round me and my mum were keen to go again.
This time T and S had to come along too and seeing as they were probably not going to find it the most interesting of trips I thought that as the sun was out a jaunt down the park first seemed like a good idea. I had recently received an email from Nature Detectives with food ideas for a winter picnic which had given me an idea to make things a bit more fun for them.
Nipping into Sainsbury's on our way I bought a packet of their frozen vegetarian hot dogs and the children were most bemused when back in the car they watched me drop the sausages into a flask of boiling water! But when it came to scoffing them later with a splodge of tomato ketchup and another flask full of hot chocolate they loved it!


  1. That's a great idea with the hotdogs, I may have to steal it.

  2. Hi there,thankyou for finding Me! I'm looking forward to having a read over at yours now,lots of love,juliexxx

  3. I love the randomness. Lots of small sprigs of flowers in this post - reminds me of the early Laura Ashley years. xxxx

  4. That plate must be very huge... :)
    You're the Queen of bargains Lisa, nobody can compete with you, seriously!

  5. Love your flowery pumps, Lisa - they're fab! I thought Spring was here after last weekend, but since Tuesday it's been foggy and damp here - back to winter boots and jeans for me :-((

  6. What lovely shoes, so pretty! Love all the florally polka dottedness you've got!
    Sally x

  7. I am coveting those tights!!

  8. I'm going to have to start coming shopping with you Lisa....... :0)

    Lou xxx

  9. Love the polka dot bag and the idea for heating up the hot dogs...genius!

  10. Lovely winter picnic. I remember my neighbour rushing her three young children to after school clubs & having flasks of hot soup at the ready !
    Sweet shoes.

  11. Great sounding fair! Did you buy anything this time? Hot-dogs and hot chocolate. A pretty good winter picnic I'd say! x