Monday, 5 March 2012

Home and Away

This weekend has been very different from the previous one. On Friday evening T went to Salisbury in readiness for his trip with Grandma to London to see Mamma Mia. This was his combined Christmas and birthday gift from Auntie D. I pleased to report that all 3 of them said it was fantastic and they all had a great time.

Meanwhile back at home, instead of taking S and 3 of her friends off to the local soft play centre for her birthday treat she was under a duvet with a high temperature watching

All she wanted was cuddles from me and so we spent most of the on the sofa. As well as giving cuddles I was able to read my current book club book The Glass of Time which was a great page turner.

Thankfully on Sunday S was feeling a bit perkier and as I wasn't required to spend quite so much time on the sofa I got on with a few household chores before baking this delicious Chocolate and Ginger Cake. I'm not a very good cake maker but this was so easy and tastes really good. The recipe states it improves if left for 3 days wrapped up in greaseproof in a tin. I'll let you know if it lasts that long!

T came home yesterday in a very bouncy mood, I'm sure he has grown since Friday and S has been able to go back to school today, birthday treat rescheduled for a couple of weeks time. All back to normal.


  1. Lucky T, I bet that was fab, what a great Christmas and birthday treat. Poor S though, I bet she was disappointed that her trip had to be postponed, though she's still got it to look forward to now. Glad she's feeling better. The cake looks delicious, it wouldn't last three days in our house.

  2. Sorry to hear about S, it must be this crazy weather, I have a flu since last Monday too.
    Anyway, the sight of your yummy cake is making me feel a lot better! :)

  3. I bet he had a whale of a time! Give my love to poor S - sorry she missed out. That cake looks fab xxxx

  4. Glad S is feeling better. I've been poorly since Friday too :(

    The book you mention sounds interesting - its on my list now!

  5. I hope he had a great time - bet its fab!

    Poor S, but what a good Mum to try to make up for missed trip by baking that lovely looking cake - thanks for sharing link, its already printed off for my daughter to make! ;)
    Hope she feels better soon

    Gill xx

  6. I am glad that S is feeling better now. I would too with that lovely looking chocolate and ginger cake! Yummy! x

  7. Lucky T - I hope he sang along loudly - I would if I went.

    That cake looks very scrummy - ginger & chocolate what a mix :)

  8. Glad S is feeling better. We've had the poorlys here as well - think there's a lot of it about. x

  9. I'd love to see Mama Mia So glad they enjoyed it.
    Poor S - the Aristocats is a perfect choice my favourite along with 101 Dalmations x