Monday, 26 March 2012

North Stoneham Park

Wasn't the weather at the weekend just glorious.
We were able to spend so much time outside, a lot of it in the back garden. On Saturday afternoon we decided a sort out of the shed was needed so everything came out and not everything went back in, there is now a huge pile of rubbish in our front garden awaiting a trip to the tip.

Saturday morning we went for a walk, selecting from the information leaflet stash a fairly local one, North Stoneham park. Now I have to say that although it was great being outdoors in the sun (and the pub across the road where we had lunch was really very nice indeed) it's not a place I would recommend making a special trip too for a family walk destination. There just wasn't much there, not that we need constant entertainment when we are out and about! The leaflet about the park is extremely informative and from a local history point it makes fascinating reading, but the points of interest at the park were very thin on the ground in comparison. Having said that the park is under threat of being developed by the council into housing which would be a huge shame. The fields were buzzing with butterflies and some pretty huge bees and the birdsong was loud and plentiful too. If I were a local resident I would be campaigning not to lose such a site.

On parking the car and walking up into the park the first thing you see is this beautifully manitained war shrine. It was built in 1917-18 by the then landowner John Willis Fleming in memory of his son Richard and 36 other men of North Stoneham who died in WW1. Over the years this fell into disrepair and has been restored in the last couple of years.

The great house which once stood within the estate was demolished decades ago along with summerhouses and lodges. One surviving building is the former coach house. It has been converted into residential housing and it wasn't the nicest conversion either so no picture.

From there it was on to the church. I was hoping for a peek inside to see a tomb detailed in the information leaflet but there was a wedding party gathering so I thought it best to stay outside!
The one hand clock dates from the early 17th century.

In my minds eye I could picture a Victorian country wedding scene here, the lych gate being festooned with flowers and lots of well wishes waving off the newly married couple.
Instead I saw these 3 having a five minute rest. Maybe that should be four as S wanted to bring her new bear Snowflake along too.

This little white earthenware jug caught my eye just as we were leaving the churchyard.

As we retraced our steps we walked past what is shown on the map as Avenue Pond, but there is no access to it as it's owned by the district angling club.

We did notice some of the trees had mistletoe growing on them.

Towards the end of the walk we spotted these plants growing in the next field. I'm not sure if it's because we were getting hungry by then but we did notice how they looked just like sticks of candyfloss, minus the pinkness!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the good weather whatever you've been up to.


  1. Well it certainly looks like there was enough to keep you interested. The weather has been gorgeous, so nice to be able to take advantage of it and get out and about.

  2. We certainly have been enjoying our good weather! And that photo of your three sweeties is the best ever. xo

  3. How lovely to get out and about in the countryside in this glorious weather, isn't it amazing!! What a pretty church, I love the archway, it reminds of the little one at the church we got married in!
    Sally xox

  4. Looks like you had a fab time. So nice to get out and about with this wonderful weather. Thought of you on Friday as I drove past Grasmere House.

  5. I was able to take a walk at 7 pm when I came home from work this evening! And even wearing my sunglasses, lol!
    Have a good week Lisa!

  6. Looks like a perfect weekend!

    Doesn't everything seem better when the sun is shining.

    Victoria xx

  7. You always find such interesting places!
    The three smiles are as warm as the sunshine we're having at the moment.Long may it last! :0)