Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Different Week

I can't believe that Easter Sunday was only one week ago, this has been a very long week. I have taken very few photos and so all the photos in this post are of the goodies I either bought today at the car boot or yesterday at a jumble.

Enamel mugs 10p each, glass jars 20p each, button 10p, glass tea light holder 50p, Christmas sign £1

The plan for Easter Monday was a family day out in London. S and I would then travel home, but G and T would stay as they were booked into a hotel in Covent Garden for the night as a visit with T's brother R was arranged for Tuesday. The weather was so awful on Monday and G's back so painful that in the end it was decided that only G and T would go to London and they ended up leaving the mid afternoon. S and I stayed at home and made sparkly nail varnish from a kit she had for Christmas.

Long sleeved top £1

Tuesday worked out pretty much as planned. G and T met R in London and had a lovely time. T had a piece of homework to do over the school holidays about someone he admires and he decided to do it about R and all the things he has achieved which we found very touching.
S loves spending time with my mum and so she was more than happy to have Nanny to herself for the day whilst I went to work.

Skirt for S 50p.

On Wednesday I had planned to take S to her opticians appointment, take both of the children to see the Prow to Stern Titanic layout in the park and then it was off to Salisbury so they could stay with Grandma for a few days. I had been unable to get the day off work on Friday and also on that day G had a pre-op assessment to attend at the hospital as he was due a back operation on 19th of this month.
S and I did go to town for the appointment and then the park but there was no trip to Salisbury. When G arrived home on Tuesday there was a message on our answerphone asking him to call the hospital urgently but by the time he got the message there was no-one available to speak to. He rang them first thing Wednesday morning to be asked did he want to go in the next day for his op. After a quick discussion between the two of us he rang them back and said yes please.

Green skirt 25p, grey cardigan 25p, check shirt 25p, grey top 25p

So instead of me having the day to catch up on housework with T and S away, we were all up early to wave    G off with lots of good luck hugs and kisses as he got into a taxi at 7.10am to take him over to the hospital. As he hadn't had his pre-op assessment that was done first thing and he then text to say he was last on the list so expect no news until later in the afternoon.
Thinking ahead I had been online the night before and bought a murder mystery treasure trail based in the nearby market town of Romsey. I thought this would be a good thing to keep us busy as we would be concerned about how G was doing and I didn't want us to be hanging around the house 'just waiting.'
Unfortunately we managed half a dozen clues before I could tolerate T's behaviour no longer. I know that may sound intolerant of me when he was obviously worried about his dad but honestly his attitude and whole demeanour from the moment he had woken up so was aggressive and disrespectful. I cut him some slack because of the situation and had a chat to him about it but there came a point when it was just too much. I hope we go back and finish it another time!
Back home a couple of hours after we had set off with not much achieved I received a text from G to say he would be coming home. There had been two emergency cases flown to the hospital by air ambulance and they weren't able to operate on him because of those. Although we were very grateful that he wasn't one of those cases it was none the less frustrating as you go through the whole build up of getting yourself ready for the procedure. So he was back home with us by tea time.

Skirt for me £1

Friday was work for me and with no pre-op assessment for G he was home with T and S instead. He had a phone call from the hospital and has now been told his operation will be on Tuesday.

It's been a strange week, lots of plans made, changed and then changed again. All in all not one I would like to repeat in a hurry.

Mug 10p.


  1. I hope G will be ok after his operation tomorrow.
    Please keep us informed!

  2. What an up and down week! I really feel for you all. Let us know how he goes on tomorrow. xxxxxx

  3. I hope all is ok. Which hospital? Love your purchases. Good luck. x

  4. What a stressful week. I hate plans being thrown in to turmoil like that. Sorry to hear that G's op was cancelled at the last minute but glad to hear that it won't be long before it does go ahead. On the up side, you picked up some great bargains.

  5. Good luck - at least he will be good hands in there. x

  6. Love seeing your buys in between news. A stressful time for all & you obviously handled it well - not all would or could.
    Hope all goes well xx

  7. It seems a lot of people had a strange week over Easter. I wish G good luck with his operation. You got some great bargains there - I bet you are great to go shopping with! x

  8. Gosh was a really stressful week!I'm so sorry to hear that, I wish G all the best for his operation. I love your bargains, especially the lovely top and the 10p enamel mugs! xx

  9. Good luck..that makes it today I think? Thinking of you all...very stressful time...sending love to you Lisa,


  10. You sure bought some lovely things (good prices as well)..I like the blue and white mug :)
    It sounds like quite the stressful week. I wish all the best for G's operation today..
    Take care x