Sunday, 1 April 2012

White Rabbits

  It's traditional to say White Rabbits three times on the first day of everything month so I thought today would be the appropriate day to share three photos of our new white rabbit. He's a little night light.Here he is in the box he arrived in.

Now just look at that face, how cute is he?!

And the last photos is him all aglow. If you want to own one too I purchased him for £4.95 from dotcomgift. How can you resist?


  1. Awww, he's such a cutie. My mum always used to say White Rabbits on the first of every month, then a friend told me that you're only supposed to say it when the month in question contains an 'R', now I'm confused.

  2. Ahh he's so sweet! 1st April already - where does the time go! xxxx

  3. Oh,cute! We used to say...a pinch and a punch for the 1st of the month...where that came from I've no idea! :0)

  4. Aww and we all forgot "a pinch and a punch" today too !
    Are you coming my way over the Easter hols ? Would love to meet or we could meet half way ?

  5. So cute!
    ..Now I understand why an English lady on FB always says that, LOL! ;)