Thursday, 12 April 2012

Titanic Remembered part 2

I was back in town on Wednesday with S for another Titanic event I had seen advertised which I was really looking forward to. In one of the City centre parks the dimensions of the Titanic had been measured out  so as this advertising poster showed you could walk from Prow to Stern and get a feel for the size of it.

Here we are starting at the stern, the central white symbol and the ones slightly in front to the left and to the right show the placement of the rudders.

Hanging from 7 lamp posts were luggage tags, one for every person on board.

S and I read a fair few of them and I took photos of some, one because the  person shares our surname, a few because of their age, their occupation (or lack of one), their address as one lived in Oxford Street where we were for the other Titanic event at the weekend and another lived in a road just round the corner from us. Click on the photos to enlarge and read.

There is a photo of where three of the lifeboats were on board which I have forgotten to include, but in each lifeboat there was a sheet of information about the number of people saved.

Also tales of bravery

and stories of some of the crew such as Violet Jessop

Some of the rooms were also mapped out to show their position and points such a the ship's wheel, the crow's nest, the Captain's lounge and the Grand Staircase.

One of the most poignant was the Marconi Room.

Although I did find this interesting I also felt that it could have been done better. The information sheets were just on plain white sheets of laminated A4, surely it would have all looked a bit more professional if more effort had been made with the presentation and maybe the inclusion of the White Star logo at the very least. There was no information about which deck the rooms which were outlined were actually on, so although we know the position of them we don't know where they were in relation to anything else. Information boards with designs for the ship on would have been helpful for bringing the whole thing together. For part of the City's 100 year commemoration the idea was a really good one, but my personal opinion is that it fell a bit short of what it could have been.


  1. I've been watching the Len Goodman programme about the Titanic so lots of your pictures I can relate to the programme.

    All so sad but facinating - I was sad to read on Twitter that there are people who didn't know this was real and just thought it was a Hollywood movie :(

  2. I agree with the points you made about the presentation, from what I see in your photos, which is a shame as the idea was brilliant.

  3. But its a great idea in principle, so that people can get a feel for the sheer scale of the ship, and its made more poignant and personal with details of those who sadly lost their lives.
    It will be something your children will remember.
    Thanks for sharing this, it is interesting to see what is going on.

    Gill xx

  4. It is a great idea Lisa and your stunning little model made up for the lack of presentation by the organisers! xxxxx

  5. I think this is a great idea, but I agree with you about the presentation. T and S must be learning so much from all these outings, I wish I lived closer as they're things which would certainly interest me.

  6. The Titanic event was featured even on the Italian news this week!
    Have a lovely weekend x

  7. Still rather interesting. Liked the info about Violet Jessup, though she sounds a bit like a Typhoid Mary carrying disaster wherever she went.

  8. What a fantastic idea - a really good way to show the scale of the thing (and the loss too). Sadly I bet arts funding cuts meant they were limited to laminates on sticks rather than flash signs...
    The luggage labels are such a good way of giving each person a voice.

  9. I think it is a great idea and the information they have supplied is very interesting - the presentation may be down to a lack of council funds.

  10. Thanks for posting about this. I felt so sad reading it. The scale of the loss so huge. The luggage labels so poignant - hopes & dreams lost.

  11. Hi Lisa I've just posted about this, it was better at night, a bit more atmospheric. Meet up soon!

  12. i love your buys. And what an interesting walk!!