Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New Chef on the Block

T has discovered cooking at school, although there they call it food tech, and he is really enjoying it.  When he was younger we would occasionally make some cakes or biscuits together, it wasn't something he wanted to do very often, although he has never had any problem with eating any baked goodies!
Yesterday he ought home these little beauties. 
4 rock cakes which were de-lic-i-ous.

T asked that if G was able to come home from hospital today (which he was, hurrah!!!) could he cook us something for our evening meal from a recipe book all pupils had been given at school. We decided on pitta bread pizzas.
He did really well and we all thoroughly enjoyed the results.

Today he made macaroni cheese which is his absolute favourite and he snaffled that as soon as he got in so no idea how that tasted but we did all have a slice from this scone round when he made that just before half term.

I'm very much looking forward to his next food tech lesson.


  1. This all looks amazing!! Lucky you!!

    I've just been catching up on blogs - it looks like you've had a trying week; I'm glad to hear that G is back from hospital now! With all that worry you must be glad of a rock bun or two ;-)

  2. Wow I am impressed!!! When can I come round for tea? I could eat all of that! Well done T. xx

  3. WOW I remember making rock cakes and pizza's in my food tech lessons!

    Victoria xx

  4. Hi Lisa
    I've just been reading through your recent posts. Gosh, you've had a difficult time of it. I hope G is getting on well now and that he'll soon be back to normal. I can really empathise with you about T's behaviour ... I guess the experience of G being in hospital has triggered all kinds of difficult feelings for him. Life is a roller coaster with these special children of ours, isn't it?
    But judging by T's cooking skills, he's finding a wonderful, creative and potentially therapeutic hobby to enjoy!
    Take care

  5. So good to enjoy cooking so young.

    Thanks for your food idea - does the porridge absorb the moisture of the yoghurt ? Otherwise it would be very dry ! Might give it a try !

  6. That all looks scrummy. A budding chef in the making. Perhaps food tech is a lesson T would enjoy for his options. Lots of Daniel's friends took the subject and there's a couple of them who are doing it at A level. I remember Eleanor being given a book in her food tech lessons which she made a few things from.

  7. My mouth is watering! That pita pizza is to die for. How wonderful to have a budding chef in your midst!

    I owe you an email big-time...absolutely buried over here, between final stage of trip planning AND helping my mother make a spontaneous move to an apartment. "Talk" soon!! xoxo

  8. Just catching up after returning from my hols. Glad to hear that G is back home from hospital, never a nice experience.
    I seem to remember that rock cakes were the first thing we made in cookery at secondary school (we'd already done the rice krispie cakes etc at juniors).

  9. He's such a clever boy!
    We do not get food tech lessons here, such a shame!