Sunday, 22 April 2012

Who's in the Box?

As a little treat for having to under go his op G ordered himself a new guitar. It arrived in a big box on Tuesday and so it was here for him when he came home on Wednesday. 
As we all know cats love boxes, 

but Malcolm wasn't the only member of the household who couldn't resist a little investigation!

Unfortunately although G did get to try out his new toy it was a brief experience as he went back into hospital on Friday morning. He was in vast amounts of pain and had to have a MRI scan to check that the discs hadn't re-ruptured or that any other various horrid things hadn't happened. Thankfully that all proved to be tickety-boo and so it is a case of getting his pain levels under control. Hopefully he'll be home tomorrow or Tuesday. And hopefully today the flat tyre I got yesterday can be sorted, just when I really need the darn car too!


  1. Hope that G is on the mend soon. We used to have a cat who was always to be found in a box, if he couldn't find a box he'd go inside a bag instead.

  2. I'm so sorry I missed your posts Lisa! It sounds like you have all been having a hard time of it.
    I hope G gets home soon! You make sure you look after yourself too... & that's an order from me.
    If there is anything I can do to help please ask, you know where I am.

    BIG hugs to all of you X

  3. Hope they get his pain under control asap and he comes home soon.

  4. Send him my best wishes and get a passing bloke to change your tyre! Hope he is home very soon. xxxxx

  5. Just catching up after being away.
    Wishing G well soon,blooming cars..always go wrong when you need them most.
    Hope your week is less stressful Lisa. :0)

  6. I am sorry to hear that G is still unwell. I am sorry to hear you got a flat tyre too. These things are sent to try us eh? Take care. x

  7. My cats love boxes, too - it's definitely a cat thing, isn't it? Poor old G, do hope he's feeling better soon xx

  8. I'm having a good catch up right now and can't believe he had to go back to hospital, I'm really sorry to hear this.
    I hope he's again home now but above all he's ok.
    Get well asap dear G!

  9. Hello!! If you pop over to my blog you will see that I have given you the "Sunshine Award"! I will understand if you would prefer to keep your blog "award-free", like many do, but it's just really to let you know how much your blog inspires me and never fails to make me smile! Marina xx