Monday, 2 April 2012

Our Weekend

I am having issues with this new Blogger set up and all my photos have loaded in reverse order, so we begin with the end of Sunday's trip to our local park when T and S were stick fighting whilst I was busy snapping some of the flowers.

We ended up spending 4 hours at the park, we atee our picnic, the children made up their own ball games, they played basketball, we had egg and spoon races,

played with the racquets and balls

and generally lazed in the sun

making the most of that cloudless blue sky which was sadly missing on Saturday when we went down to Boscombe. G's brother and his partner have recently moved into the area and we went down to visit. We were planning a wander down to the sea front but as it was overcast we decided to save that until the weather was warmer and we might be able to have a paddle and an ice cream too.

Down a side street G and I spotted the house we would like to live in, lots of windows, a higgledy piggledy roof  and a turret!

I have never been to Boscombe before and was really taken by the faded grandeur of the old buildings in the centre of town although the Royal Arcade is very well maintained internally, love the glass lights made to look like flames.

Apparently they hold a vintage fair here on the first Saturday of every month, may have to time our next visit to coincide  with one of those.

Last year when we went to Bournemouth we saw a couple of these lions, this one quite colourfully sums up Bournemouth.

Even it's rear end!

A couple of things which caught our eye on the wander into town, a huge Dalek

 and these decorative tiles outside an antique shop. Just along from the train station there are quite a few antique and vintage shops which we didn't go into this time, will definitely make sure they are perused next time though.

And so we end with the start of our trip to Boscombe. The photo taking started as soon as we were off the train, much to T's annoyance. The station is really very dismal but is cheered up by some fab art work on one of the walls.


  1. I can't remember seeing any pf that in Boscombe - I think I must have just done the sea front! So thats where the last remaining perfect man went to!!! xxxxxxx

  2. Wonderful carefree days summed up here!x

  3. Those tiles are really pretty and I like the 'rear end'! It is so great that you take the kids on so many family days out, we hardly had any as kids as my Dad worked shifts and worked every weekend as he couldn't afford not to. You are creating so many memories for them.

  4. Looks a lovely weekend - good to see you made the most of the sunshine :)

    Blogger is being a total pain at the moment - its hidden my little commenting picture and keeps switching the word verification back on on my blog - grrrrr

  5. There are a few charming turreted houses in my town, and you would gasp if you knew how inexpensive homes are here...fancy a relocation??

    Oh well - it doesn't hurt a girl to try! xo

  6. What a lovely day and I love those antique tiles, they are gorgeous!
    Sally x

  7. It looks like a great start to the holidays. I like your dream home, something with a bit of character.

  8. Looks like a fab weekend. Really like the artwork and the tiles. Were they in the station?

  9. What a lovely few hours in the park. Lovely to have family near to visit. I've only been to Boscombe once though it's not that far !
    Blogger seems to have settled down for me...fingers crossed !
    Enjoy the Easter break xx

  10. Looks like you all had a great time with lovely weather - it does make a difference!

    Hope you enjoy the easter holidays with your children and lots more happy outings!

    Gill xx

  11. What fabulous photos, looks like you had a lot of fun :-)

  12. What a beautiful outing, full of lovely things to see and enjoy!
    Wishing you and your family a happy and colourful Easter!

  13. Thx for your message. We have Food week in our village & I am "manning" the info stall on Saturday but thank you for the invitation !

  14. All your views of Boscombe are great! We visited the beach and pier again on our visit a week or so ago. Must remember to go inland next time to check these sites out. x