Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend

Not the busiest of weekends. The wet weather, like it has been for lots of others, has been one factor and another is that although G is getting on well with his recovery a day out would be too much for him at this stage.

Saturday morning S and I went to a craft fair. This was a fundraising event organised by a friend of mine. I bought this Jubilee inspired brooch/rosette kit which I made up and pinned on my Cath Kidston bag. I am so in love with it.

G's mum and sister came to visit on Sunday. G's mum gave me this beautiful bunch of tulips and G had his own special floral gift too....

....a painting she had done for him of a field of poppies.

Miraculously there was some of this this afternoon, blue sky!

We went for a short walk to Telegraph Woods in the hope of finding some bluebells.

Just like the blue sky the bluebells weren't plentiful, we found more of a trickle of blue than a sea of blue, 

but all was not lost as we found a lot of mud to get stuck in

a recently cut tree stump with all the lines showing up so perfectly

and a rope swing which provided a lot of fun and laughter

and washing. The other side of S, which can't be seen in this photo, was caked in mud when she fell off!

Happy highlights from a wet weekend.


  1. It does seem a long time now that we havent been hampered by rain. Here in my part of the s/w Saturday and sunday was actually dry! Sunday being the best with the most sunshine! Although still really cold. Today has been back to normal though! grumble grumble.

    Loving your pretty badge and what a wonderful gift that painting was to G!

    Nothing like a good stomp in the woods! Happy days.

    P x

  2. Looks like you've all had fun despite the rain. There's nothing like splashing in mud on a wet walk! Love your little brooch!

  3. the simplest days are often the that picture.x

  4. That looks fun. Jess & I were counting the rings on a felled tree the other day too.

  5. It looks like you made the most of the day, rope swings are always a big hit. I know how muddy it is at the moment though, I've just had to bath Archie after our walk down The Lines this morning as he was absolutely covered in mud. G's picture is wonderful, his mum is very talented.

  6. Glad to hear G is recovering well and that the kids had fun.
    Delighted that you liked your bracelet, you deserve a treat. x

  7. Glad that G is continuing to recover. Very wet weekend, wasn't it? Again. You look like you made the most of it, though. x