Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fantastic Plastic

Whilst sorting out my photos out for March and April I came across these photos of recent plastic purchases which I had forgotten to share.

First up is a set of snack boxes I bought as part of a friend's birthday gift, purchased from dotcomgiftshop. I'm not sure if I like the deer or the toadstools most. Thankfully she liked them all and the extra little gifts I popped inside each of them. Too cute.

And from the toy section(!) in Sainsbury's I bought these star and flower shaped cake cases. Although I have baked cakes since buying them I have forgotten to use them, good excuse to make more cakes I reckon!

I have spent a very frustrating time this evening with Blogger as apparently I have used up all my free space.
So I have been looking at various options. I have now begun to delete my posts from the start of the blog to the end of 2009 as I have converted them into a PDF and saved them with a view to printing them out. It's something I was thinking of doing at some stage but this situation has made me get on with it.


  1. What a lovely idea, I love those containers! I didn't know there was a space limit on blogger hmmm!
    Sally xox

  2. sweet containers. Used up your space ??? I had this with photos once so bought more space. Hope you can get it sorted & continue Blogging !

  3. I love those containers, so cute. I didn't know there was a limited amount of free space on blogger, how much does it cost for more space then?

  4. i bought more space from google!! its only a few pounds a year xxxx

  5. Hi Lisa,

    Ooo love the deer and toadstools little pots really cute!

    Uh? You can use up too much blogging space? I have had this with pictures but I didnt know that could happen with then entire blog. A bit worrying. Hope you can sort it out and you continue to blog!

    P x

  6. Hi there
    I too have had hassles with my blogging space and caved in to buy more space as my frustration was just not worth all the ***** words. I think blogger are cheeky expecting us to pay to upload photographs! Penelope

  7. Those boxes are great, I have to get some! Brilliant idea to put a little something in each one too.

    I recently ran out of space of blogger but I bought more - it was $5 which was less than £4 at the time and that buys me 20gb of space per year, more than I'll ever need!

    I've been thinking recently about trying to find a way of saving my blog - how do you convert them to PDF - I can only think of manually copying each post and pasting it into word or publisher to make it into a doc and then turning that into PDF but I'd really like to find a programme that could do each post for me!

  8. Hi Lisa,

    It's never boring hearing from you. Glad you managed to sort out your blogger problems. It can be a bit of shock that you only have so much storage. Have to admit I did buy more space when it happend to me! lol.

    Glad you solved the problem!

    P x

  9. I ran out of space with blogger, but it cost me a lot less than £5 for tons and tons more space.xxxx

  10. The space thing is to do with the size you load the pictures at.

    I load mine at a small size (its quicker) and then enlarge them in the blog. Not sure if that makes sense but it does mean I've got lots of spare storage space left.

    Love the containers & the cake cases :)

  11. Oh how cute are those container :)

    Can't you get some more space for your blog?

  12. Cheerful purchases!
    I think I will never run out of space since my blogs post are so rare, lol!