Sunday, 27 May 2012

Salisbury to Old Sarum

We took the longer scenic route to get to meet up with G's mum and dad yesterday.
A ten minute walk from the station took us to the start of the Avon Valley Nature Reserve and what a welcoming sight it was. Who could not resist being beckoned in when greeted with such a sight of lushness. Frothing cow parsley abundance lining the boardwalk on either side as it twisted and turned tempting you in to discover 

a walk by the gently rippling river. There were very few people around. Just a few dog walkers on the path and the dogs in the walk cooling off in the shallow water.

At a fork in the path there was a beautiful bench which had been designed and made by local school children. Click on the picture to enlarge and you can see the design of swimming fish, but for all it's loveliness it couldn't really be used as it had huge stinging nettles growing all around it.

Turning to look back there was a great view across the meadows to the Cathedral.

Part of the walk included the path G would take to his primary school, what a treat to see sights like this from the little bridge.

And this is his old school, much changed since his day, well it was 34 years ago that he left!

Lining the road are the most selection of cottages and houses. A history of Stratford-sub-Castle and some of the houses, including this whitewashed cottage, can be found here.

G told us that this is the House where his Grandad worked as a gardener for many years right up until the day he died. It looks from the signs up there is some restoration work being done.

Across the road is St. Lawrence's Church.

From here it was a fairly steep walk up to the Old Castle. We paused once for a swig of water and once to snap another view of the Cathedral in the distance.

The remains of the Castle are owned by English Heritage and the website shows a fantastic aerial view of it all. We haven't visited it with the children yet, we keep saying we'll go when they have one of their special event days. 

Unlike the website photo the grass isn't currently all green as it is awash with yellow buttercups and the children obligingly laid down amongst them for me to take, what in my opinion, is one of the very best photos of them I have ever taken.


  1. Lovely walk and a nice trip down memory lane for G. I bet the children enjoyed seeing bits of dad's childhood. My dad drove us around parts of the Peak District last weekend pointing out his old school, the house that my grandad built and where all the best sweet shops were - and I really enjoyed it!

    I agree - that last photo is fantastic.

  2. It is a brilliant picture of them Lisa! One to treasure.
    The architecture around your walk looks amazing, especially the twin gables!

    Sarah -x-

  3. The last photo is stunning. You should have it enlarged and put on your wall! Two wonderful carefree children!!! x

  4. All the photos are lovely, Lisa, but that last one of your children is a beauty!

  5. A great picture Lisa,one to go in a frame I think.
    The thatched cottage is my idea of a dream home...not very practical though I suppose,and as my OH points out..'you'd get loads of spiders' Had a HUGE one in the bedroom last night...he knew by my scream what it was and rushed upstairs,caught it and put it out of the window....aargh...shudder! :0)

  6. That's a fantastic photo of T and S, Lisa. You should have it enlarged on the wall. It looks like a great place for a walk.

  7. Its a gorgeous photograph Lisa - infact they all are. I hope this summer weather continues. xxxxxxx

  8. What a stunning place to be. Buttercup fields are perfect for a photo shoot & yours is lovely.

  9. It looks like a beautiful place to go for a stroll. Lovely photo of your children and the buttercups..defiantly one to put in a frame :)
    Keep on enjoying the sunshine...
    Magie x

  10. How is feeling G? A lot better I hope!
    Thank you for your friendship on Fb!