Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Spring Fayre

Are we all enjoying this very welcome weather?
It's been so lovely that we have been outside as much as possible and so the decorating has ground to a halt, the house in general is looking a bit neglected and I have hardly been near the computer.
Plus we have all been a little distracted as my sister's dog is very poorly and she is taking the news extremely badly.

So as we are edging ever closer to a new weekend I thought I should get myself sorted and get a post done about our little trip out on Saturday to a Spring Fayre held at a local nature reserve.

Things to see and do included being able to hold this beautiful barn owl

 listen to a marching bagpipe band

watch craftsmen at work

and have your face painted, a must do when you are 7

and you can be a blue and pink lion.

We walked home past the pond where unfortunately recently there have been issues with people poaching fish and the ducks.

It was such a treat seeing so much green lushness along the way.


  1. What a lovely,friendly looking lion!
    So sorry to hear your sister's dog is poorly,it's so sad when our beloved pets are ill. X

  2. Sounds like fun! S looks very pleased with her face painting!

  3. That looks like a fab day out, Lisa. I thought lions were supposed to be ferocious, that one looks positively cheeky. Eleanor used to miss out on face painting as it used to bring her out in eczema, she was always upset when her friends got to have theirs done and she couldn't, so we ended up letting her have little butterflies painted instead of her whole face being covered. It's so sad when our pets fall ill, your sister and her dog are in my thoughts.

  4. Super painted face ! That looked lovely x