Saturday, 19 May 2012

This Week....

I baked some banana bread scones. G ate two whilst they were still warm from the oven, so the next day when I made the glaze there was too much so they got a bit drowned in it before I remembered there were 2 less.

I finished reading the book of the month from my reading group. It said on the cover that it was Birdsong for the new Millennium. I wouldn't say it quite lived up to that but it was a very good read none the less, I very easily got swept up into the relationships of the all characters. Full of the horror that was WW1 but also a story of love and hope.

I bought some paint. S's bedroom is due a makeover. After the purchase of a couple of tester pots, S settled on Sweet Pink. Photos will be taken along the way.

I wore one of my 5 a day!


  1. Oh I loved that book ... so sad!
    I like your earrings!!!

  2. Those scones look yummy, things are always delicious when they just come out the oven, hard to resist. I shall be looking out for the book, it sounds like a good read. I can't wait to hear all about S's bedroom makeover. Eleanor's still isn't finished, we're still looking for curtains, meanwhile we're in the middle of decorating the hall, stairs and landing. Eleanor's bedroom walls used to be pink with a Laura Ashley frieze. Eleanor's really in to 'food' earrings. There's a sweet shop at one of the nearby shopping centres and they also sell jewellery which look like sweets. We bought her some 'Loveheart' earrings for Christmas. My favourites are hot dogs, and she's also got the same apples as you have.

  3. I'll put that book on my must-read list. Our book club read this month was awful and I couldn't finish it - 1st time thats happened in a long time! Love the earrings!

  4. Hello you......

    Bananna scones sound delish - may have to pester for recipie.
    Loving the pink paint
    I read that book, it was a good read.


  5. I really need to get on with choosing some paint for our bedrooms. The pink is very pretty.

  6. Oh those scones look so tempting..I'm on a diet and really missing treats like that.
    Bet S is getting excited about her room makeover,you're going to be busy!
    Have a lovely Sunday. :0)

  7. I like banana loaf with natural yogurt but those do look scrummy.
    Sweet earrings.

  8. My sister was talking about that book this weekend! Your scones sound delish xx

  9. Your scones look delicious!
    I hope G is feeling better!

  10. I love the idea that you wore one of your five-a-day!!! x

  11. Great round up!
    I too would rather wear my 5-a-day!

  12. I have never tried making banana bread scones before, I have always just made banana bread cake. I will have to give them a go sometime :)
    The paint colour sounds pretty..looking forward to seeing the photos :)
    Super cute earrings!!

    Have a lovely week..
    Magie x

  13. Oooh, that book sounds good - think I'll add it to my wishlist. Love your pretty earrings, too! x

  14. Hi Lise
    Ooh painting!
    Bet your glad you had clean ears LOL!
    Sorry we havent met up yet!!