Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bunting for School

S's school is having a special Jubilee day on Friday, all very exciting stuff! Last week the children were sent home a sheet of card with two bunting triangles drawn out on it. They were asked to decorate them however they wanted. All triangles will all be strung up together to make bunting for decorating the classrooms.

We took inspiration from the bunting we have strung up in our dining room at the moment, £2.oo from Sainsbury's in case you wanted the info,

and went with glittery blue (and silver) crowns teamed with white stars so we had the red, white and blue colour scheme.

S told me very confidently that hers are the best as most of the others did flags and ours look good!


  1. Lovely bunting Lisa! S has done very well. I think her confidence is very justified.

    P x

  2. Brilliant bunting...well done S!
    I bought that Sainsburys one..and masks of the Queen and Prince Philip from the pound shop to wear to a friend's jubilee tea. :0)

  3. I wish I'd thought of that ploy .... send it home for the parents!!!! Ha! Ha!
    We've been colouring flags all week. The children have permanent blue and red hands!
    Your bunting is very regal! I'm impressed!
    We're having a big jubilee party on Friday too, and the Olympic torch will be passing close by on the same day. It's hard to contain the excitement!
    Have fun xxx

  4. Clever girl!
    I hope she enjoys her celebrations at school!

  5. lovely lovely. Our village is bedecked with bunting & flags. Husband & Jess have a boat charter at the weekend & Jess has bought bunting to decorate. Husband is a sour puss non Royalist ( Boo )

  6. It looks fab, S has done a brill job, no wonder she's pleased. I miss things like this now I don't have any in primary school. Hope S enjoys the day at school tomorrow.

  7. hope there's a prize for the best....tell her they're stunning!