Monday, 8 June 2015

Bandstand and Buses

Our afternoon out yesterday had a very vintage feel to it.
The first part was spent, with a picnic, at Southsea bandstand.
Most Sundays during the summer free musical entertainment is to be had at this venue and it's a fab way to while away a sunny afternoon. Each week features a different style of music and this weekend was the one which grabbed my interest as it was billed as 40s and swing.
Playing and singing were The Bevin Boys and The Three Belles both of which were very good indeed.

The event was really well attended and from the start the dance floor was packed. We were thoroughly entertained by the dancers, they were clearly enjoying themselves and that happiness is infectious.

Some people came along dressed up in vintage style clothing, you may be able to see some on the dance floor, the hair styles caught my eye too.

For the second part of our afternoon we had to wander past the D Day museum and these stunning huge and glossy red poppies

towards Southsea Common where the Southdown 100 rally was being held. We didn't actually know about this event, we saw it advertised on our journey down to Southsea, but it seemed to good to miss seeing as we were on the spot. We're not bus enthusiasts by any means but we couldn't resist a wander round the vintage examples.

I said to G that if we were getting married now (and not nearly close to celebrating 18 years of marriage, how did that happen?!) then I would love to hire a bus to transport us and the wedding guests.

There were a fair few examples of open top buses too

and we even got to sit on one which I have to say I probably was more excited about that S!

And finally I just had to take a snap of one person who came along with the perfect accessory for such an occasion.


  1. I love vintage buses, modern ones are so boring by comparison. x

  2. The busses are charming. Love the hairstyles - so stylish.

  3. The bandstand event looks brilliant and it's so good to see events like this well attended. It looks like a great people watching event too, fabulous clothes and hairstyles. Those buses brought back memories of the conductor's set I had as a child, you never paid for a journey until you'd sat down once upon a time. I like the open top one with the stairs at the back, I wonder how far back they date.

  4. Sounds like a good afternoon! I'm not a bus enthusiast either but there is something about old ones - old vehicles in general really!

  5. That looks like fun! I have to say I am rather partial to a trip on an open-top bus, especially a vintage one! xxx

  6. It looks like a great day out Lisa. I love the CK backpack! x

  7. Oh it looks SUCH fun! I love vintage events like that- so cool! those hairstyles look so amazing! I always feel a bit dumb when I go these events with my inability to do ANYTHING with my hair surrounded by such beauty.x

  8. That looks like such vintage fun!