Monday, 1 June 2015


For three years G's office was based in Fareham and for 2 years I passed through Fareham on my way to working in Cosham.
This link explains the town's coat of arms.

As the train would slowly trundle out of the station upon this railway viaduct I would see Fareham creek surrounded by lots of green open space which looked like it could provide an interesting walk.
After making the journey there for work each day during the week G never really fancied going back again at the weekend. Now he doesn't work there any longer I suggested maybe we could try out the walk, so that's where we went on Saturday.

We took S's friend L with us again, she's not as used to walking as S and found it hard going towards the end, but I made sure I had a bag full of little snacks to bring out whenever the energy levels waned.

We had to walk down a residential road to begin our walk and we spotted this moon attached to the outside of a house and I wondered if it was lit up each night.

This is the view more or less from by the railway viaduct looking across the creek to Cams Mill pub. Very nice it looked too. This link shows the original mill around 1900 which was situated a little further upstream. It was demolished in 1919.

Some boats are given quite unusual names, sometimes the names are linked to the sea, sometimes they are exotic. The boat on the right is named Barry. Love it!

Just poking out from among the trees is Cams Hall. The original Hall was mentioned in he Domesday Book. It has a long and varied history which you can read about here. It was badly damaged during WW2 and fell into dereliction but in recent years has been restored and is now a business and office park

and the grounds have been converted into a golf course.

S and G posing together whilst having a sit down snack break.

I'm not sure what bird this is, I'm sure Louise will be able to tell me. The information boards said little egrets have been seen here, maybe it's one of those?
edit to say Louise has confirmed this is a heron and G has reminded me he said that when we saw it and I had forgotten!

Towards the end of the walk we had a wonderful view down towards Portsmouth, the Spinnaker tower on the right instantly recognisable.

Apparently it's possible to walk another few miles along this footpath down to Portchester, but for us this was the point were we turned off to head back into town. Much to the girls relief.
We came out onto another residential road, which has one the loveliest names I've ever seen. 

The last leg of the walk took us along a very busy A road where we saw this sweet little house on the other side of the road from us. I wonder what it's like inside.

 Fareham website has information on various walks and this is the one we did.


  1. It's great to explore new places! This looks like a pleasant walk. That bird is a heron. Little egrets are white.

  2. Barry the boat must have a mate called Dave, I think. Apparently 80% of the population does.

    Cute little walk. It's funny how if you work at a place you never go there at the weekend. Peter used to work in Manchester, but we did actually visit at the weekend sometimes, because he had a free car parking space and it was too good a chance to miss!

  3. That looks like a lovely walk. The creek and pub are very picturesque, and who doesn't appreciate a viaduct?
    I thought the bird looked like a heron too. xxx

  4. Funny how there can be so much on our door steps that we never get to see. We always promise ourselves that we will go exploring during the summer but never quite manage it. Mind you if todays weather is anything to go by would you want to be out in it.

  5. It looks like a lovely place for a walk. I can understand G not wanting to return on a weekend when he was working there, I think we want to be as far away from work as possible and not be reminded of it on a weekend no matter how lovely a place it is.

  6. A lovely post Lisa full of interesting things but I just can't get Barry the boat out of my head! x

  7. Oh good, I thought it was a heron!!! Fareham sounds a nice place- nice to take along that friend too- good to get her walking more too! Hope you are well.x

  8. Another lovely walk Lisa. I will check out your link later. Good to take friends too !!!

  9. Fareham looks like my kinda town! We get Heron's around here a lot. Yes, I have changed my hair a little. I was colouring it myself for ages trying to keep my dark hair for as long as poss, but after a week I was getting the "Badger Stripe" of white down the centre parting - so my hair dresser decided to add some blonde to it which makes the regrowth less noticeable. The sun has also made it even more blonde! I may do a blog post on it - it's been an eye opener! xxxx

  10. I have a friend who lives in Fareham and keeps telling me there are lovely walks. Think I'd better check it out soon.