Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mid week picnic

I love a picnic.
My love of a picnic is well known by my family.
I remember S woke up one morning during the school holidays a few years ago and asked excitedly 'mum where are we going to go and have our picnic today?'
It's what the summer is all about isn't it.
Mind you a picnic in the spring and autumn can be lovely too if you pick the right kind of day.
So when I saw today was International picnic day it provided me with the perfect reason for a mid week picnic outing.
We spent a lovely couple of hours up at the Common this evening making the most of the sun.
What a fabulous way to round off the day.


  1. Loverly! Clearly we aren't having the same weather, you and I! xoxo

  2. How lovely! I didn't know it was picnic day, though I had heard it's national picnic week (I think) so I'm hoping to squeeze in a picnic at the weekend!

  3. Picnics are great, mid-week or anytime! xxx

  4. ooh lovely. Haven't seen a photo of T for a while - he's so mature looking now !

    I didn't know about the picnic but the Co-Op was heaving at five & I expect the beach packed. No one on the village green picnicking which would have been nice as I'd have seen them from the shop. I did eat my lunch out there on a bench so does that count ? my co-worker made me put a straw hat on ! xx

  5. Wonderful. It's not picnic weather here but we're fans of picnics so even if the weather isn't very nice when we're heading off somewhere, we still take a picnic and eat it in the car.