Monday, 29 June 2015

Bargain Buys

No days out for us this weekend, so no photos to share of places we've visited. 
Well when I say no days out, not for me, G and S anyway.
T went to London with a friend for the Gay Pride event and had a brilliant time.
S ended up spending the afternoon round at her friend L's, messing about and cooling off in their paddling pool.
G and I spent the afternoon in the garden. 
Initially tackling the many jobs which need doing and then doing nothing more strenuous than reading.
However before we knuckled down to the garden jobs we headed out to a sale being held to raise funds for the child bereavement charity Simon Says.
We came away with a real assortment of purchases, G bought a couple of Pink Floyd CD's, S found a couple of tops she liked and although I didn't buy anything for myself I picked up a few items towards my sister's birthday present including this plastic heart shaped basket for 10p.

G didn't fancy going to the car boot on Sunday morning so I arranged to go with my mum and sister. They talked me into buying this top for £1.00. Not really sure why I initially resisted buying it as it's just my kind of thing.

My favourite buy was this scarf, again for £1.00. 

Another purchase for my sister. She saw it and liked it and so I bought it. It was 50p. It's now been packed away until much later in the year.

Today is a day all bloggers should celebrate, it's camera day. Where would we be without them.


  1. I had no idea there even was a camera day! Shocking, given how many photos I take every day, haha! Sounds like a lovely, relaxing weekend!

  2. Yes, that top is definitely pretty! I like the idea you have of doing that stash of pressies for your sister!x

  3. Hadn't heard of camera day either. You'd think there would be a bloggers day too wouldn't you:-)

  4. Fabulous bargains, I love your top especially. It's sometimes nice to just potter at home on a weekend, I wish I could do it more often.

  5. Some lovely finds, especially that scarf. And your little camera pendant is fabulous. xxx

  6. Fab scarf, and I love your sister's cup x