Friday, 19 June 2015


I've never really understood the appeal of Garfield the cat.
Back in the 1980s I worked in a gift shop and we sold hundreds of stuffed cuddly toy Garfields.
Garfield in all manner of different outfits and the ones you stick on your car window were very popular too.
I'm sure there must be many fans out there today who would like to know today is Garfield the cat day.
He's got one fan in our household, here she is sporting some pretty funky Garfield socks.

Garfield came to S's attention through the world of movies, she now has all 3 (how did they manage 3?!) of them on DVD.

Yesterday I decided to give walking to and from work a go. My shift on a Thursday is 8-2 and so fits in much more easily with the idea of walking. 
I reckoned it would take me an hour to get to work and I wasn't far off, it took 65 minutes. This included a quick stop when a friend drew up alongside me for a brief chat. She thought I had a problem with my car and stopped to offer me a lift.
Walking home was a bit more challenging. It was very warm yesterday afternoon and about a third of the way into my journey I had to stop and, as surreptitiously as possible, remove my tights to help cool me down, laddering them in the process.
Going home involves going uphill.
One of the hills is Garfield Road. 
Just as I was approaching this part I heard a voice behind me shouting out 'excuse me, excuse me.' I looked round to see a young lad walking towards me with something in black in his hand. 
Somehow my sweaty tights had fallen out of my bag, he had been in a shop across the road and noticed, then crossed the road to rescue them and return them to me. I thanked him and scurried off feeling more than a little embarrassed.


  1. Ha ha, I'm laughing out loud. I'm sorry for your embarrassment but you've given me a good laugh. I thought things like that only happened to me. I love S's socks. I've never really been a fan of Garfield either but I do like some of the cute merchandise.

  2. Hahahahahaha! Oh, so sorry to laugh, but... I don't know which is better, the surreptitious removal or the having to have someone bring the dropped parcel to you. And good on you for hoofing it such a distance!

    I had no idea that they had made Garfield movies; last I heard, it was just a comic strip! Never liked Garfield, but I did have a soft spot for the goofy little dog, Odie.

  3. Brilliant! (the tights bit). I'm enjoying your blog and your outings. looking at the Garfield Road sign, I now realise why going to cambridge was such a huge ordeal.

  4. That's sooooooo funny! Sorry to laugh at your extreme embarrasment! I've been walking to and from work too (the young man has my car in Wales for 6 weeks!!) It takes me 1.5 hours and I have not lost 1 lb yet!!!! The injustice of it! PS check facebook xxx

  5. I feel your shame Lisa!!! I hope he didn't watch you take them off too!!! I used to love Garfield and had one of those stuffed toys many years ago. I wasn't so crazy about the movie though and much prefer to watch Simon's cat videos! Have a lovely (tights free) weekend! x

  6. What a nice young man. I suppose it could have been worse had it been a spare pair of knickers(not I did say spare pair:-)

  7. Oh, Lisa, I'm sorry but I'm really laughing at this post. I can just imagine you wanting to curl up and die! What a lovely young man, though! x

  8. I am chuckling at this Lisa. I wonder who was more embarrassed ?

    When we first met, I gave Roddy a Garfield mug & toy. He must have told me he liked Garfield !

    The toy went off on a boat charter with him as a mascot & the cook used to hide him all over the boat for fun. He even got hauled to the top of the mast !

    it takes me five minutes to walk to work !

  9. Oh dear, what a disaster! Ha, ha!!!! I had something similar before except I think it may have been knickers from a swim bag!!!x