Monday, 22 June 2015

A Castle and some Chocolate

What a lovely weekend we've just had.
We took a little trip out on both Saturday and Sunday.
No prizes for guessing we took the train each day. 
Our destination on Saturday was Portchester for it's annual gala.
The event is held in the grounds of the castle which can clearly be seen from the train station.

Portchester is just a couple of stops up the railway line from our recent day out destination of Fratton so I thought it only right I should wear one of my purchases, a floaty summer skirt.

As mostly happens on our days out, our first mission was to buy some odds and ends to make a picnic lunch. I tend to take cups, plates and cutlery and some spread to butter sandwiches with and then we buy what we need when we are out. This way we aren't carrying lots of extra weight with us.
The little shopping precinct was busy with shoppers although it has to be said is one of the most unattractive we've been to. 

The road leading up to the castle was jam packed full of the prettiest houses and cottages

and a few of the owners had entered into the festivities of the day by decking out their homes with bunting and flags

As always there were the extra little things which caught my eye and captured my imagination....

a round window above a front door

the name of this cottage

the classic combination of red, white and blue. And if you have to have the yellow parking sign outside your home why not include a dash of yellow in your planting in an attempt to make it blend in a bit more.

the prettiest little patch of cottage garden with picket fencing, a brick wall and a wonderful lantern, all against the backdrop of a white washed wall.

Door knockers. Love the one on the left the most.

Once we were at the castle we found a spot to eat lunch and then went over to the arena where a local bagpipe band were playing.

Just like our last couple of outings with S she had again bought along a friend and the pair of them sat down to watch a Punch and Judy show. All I could think about was the recent book I had read at book club, Rivers of London, where the murderer was able to change his appearance so he looked like Mr Punch. It was a good read and enjoyed by all the group as far as I can remember.

The next event in the arena was a group of belly dancing ladies. They all looked so happy as they danced and they were so graceful, it was a delight to watch.

Portchester has couple of walks I am interested in doing but these will have to wait for our next visit. Further exploration of the castle will also need be done then too. T and I went there about 10 years ago with my aunt and two of her daughters and they had lots of fun that day.
Some days you can do more with the children and some days you have to settle for doing less and Saturday was definitely a doing less day.

Sunday was Father's Day. 
G said he didn't want any fuss made, no presents bought. 
I knew the children wanted to get him something though and when I saw this idea on Pinterest I hoped it would be a good compromise.
We used an old roll of wallpaper to write on, T and S taking turns to write alternate sentences.
G was thrilled with it.

I had been to the church in the morning and left some flowers for my dad,  I had a little chat with him and told him how much I missed him.

It wasn't until midday we set out on our trip for Sunday. We were off to Salisbury.
A short walk from the station is Queen Elizabeth gardens and here we were meeting G's mum and sister.

The parks are set in a very picturesque location and of course they give a fantastic view of the Cathedral

but it wasn't the view we were going for, it was the free entertainment. On 5 Sundays in the summer the council have organised music in the park concerts and the first was courtesy of Casa de Samba. The park was packed with people and the group made sure everyone was put into a party mood with their upbeat music.

This summer Salisbury is holding an art trail and to coincide with the Magna Carta celebrations barons are the theme.
There were a couple in the park but, for now,  I only took a photo of this Hello Kitty one.
I had already found out about this a few weeks ago and had noted it down as a day out possibility for the summer holidays.
G's sister is going to be in Salisbury at some point over the school break and suggested we come and do the trail whilst she is there then we can all do it together. 

A good excuse for yet another picnic in the park I reckon.


  1. I am so envious of your picnics .... we haven't had one at all this year. It's still so cold up here.
    I do love a good Punch and Judy show. Fond memories of my childhood seaside holidays!

  2. That is a great day out, love the look of that place!!!
    The castle looks super too (NICCCCE skirt!!!!!)
    What a sweet (ho ho ho) father's day idea!!x

  3. Oh, those cottages. The climbing roses! Sigh. And I think that belly dancing really might be the way forward...

  4. Two very enjoyable days. Love the cottages. Your picnics are such fun x

  5. What an action packed weekend you've had, two lovely days out. There always seems to be lots of things going on where you are, it's great when you can find local, free entertainment like that. Love the Father's Day gift.

  6. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)

    Portchester precinct isn't the prettiest in the world is it, though in some respects it has an old fashioned feel to it which is nice I think. I once had a friend who lived there and we often walked up to the castle. In more recent years we took one of our bunnies there for a picnic. The road leading up to the castle is certainly chock full of pretty homes.

  7. Pretty cottages, the ruins of a castle, picnics, and belly dancers - looks perfect to me! xxx

  8. I've never really explored Portchester castle but we did have a lovely walk around the water there a few months ago. I'd like to return, and yes Portchester village is really pretty. Your weekend sounds great, you're really good at finding out what's going on in your local area and making the most of it. x

  9. What a great day out and that father's day idea was pure genius!

  10. Love the Father's Day idea, Lisa - just brilliant! x

  11. Hello Lisa,

    I like the pictures very much. The houses are beautiful, the flower boat and the puppets.

    Cheers, Sandra