Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Dear Diary

I've finally cracked it.
Looking at my new diary it is ludicrously simple and I wonder why it took me so long to get there.

I've tried many different sorts of diary over the years and none of them really worked.
I like the page a day format, but with the notebook size diary I prefer, when it comes to the weekend Saturday and Sunday have to share a page.
This is no good.
I like to keep a note of different events going on at weekends which we may want to go to and once these get jotted down along with all the other day to day things I want to record there just wasn't enough room.

I really do try to be organised, I have to write stuff down or else it gets forgotten.
I am a list maker, always have been, always will be.
Trouble is I ended up with lists for different things in different notepads and so my handbag was always weighed down with far more assorted stationery than was sensible.

No more is that the case.
I have one notepad in my handbag which contains everything I need.
It has meant I need to write out the whole year myself but doing a little at a time is no big deal and now it's complete I have a diary which looks how I want it to look and will work for me.

The date on each page is written in ordinary black biro and each different catergory has been given it's own colour. This way each sections stands out when I refer to the pages. 
Under the date I have a line for our evening meal. I meal plan on a weekly basis and so once that job is done I just write them in.
The space underneath is for events happening we may want to go to, dentist/medical appointments, activities at the children's schools we need to be aware of, dates for meeting up with friends, all that kind of thing.
Next is Home week 1,2,3, or 4. Since getting my act together on the home front with the help of Brocante Home I have divided certain tedious jobs over a 4 week period and do them on a rota basis. Some may think this is ridiculous, but I NEED a routine to keep a reasonably clean and tidy home for my own sanity.
Next comes Shopping. This covers anything which needs to be bought. It could be food, toiletries, school shoes or pillowcases. Anything.
Then comes the To Do section. This is for phone calls which need to be made, bills which need to be paid etc.

I use the space at the very top of the page to record  birthdays or any such occasions which require a card.
The very bottom of the page is used to record what day it is from If I think I can incorporate the day into our lives somehow whether it's a weekend craft as in ballet day or an excuse for a picnic midweek then I do try to do it. It all helps towards making the best of every day.

It's all so basic and took no time at all once I sat down with pen and paper and clarified exactly what it was I needed and wanted to remember.
I'm so glad to have got there in the end.


  1. That is incredibly organised Lisa ! I have a calendar so scribbled on that I can hardly read it !

  2. It looks like a good system. I know what you mean about planning for housework, I'm not so strict now I'm at home but you do need some sort of routine when you're a working mum as there's so many other things going on as well as work with children's activites and other things eating in to your time so knowing what jobs you're going to tackle in the house is a good idea.

  3. LOVE it. Preparing to steal. xo

  4. That's a great layout! I use a weekly notebook moleskine (have done for a few years) which had a weekly dairy page on the left and a lined pages for notes/lists on the right. Having discovered 'the bullet journal' system this year though I fancy trying that when my molsekine is done with at the end of the year. (Google bullet journal if you're interested, there's a short video to explain it).

  5. Very useful system; and a system is only any good if it works for you!
    I'm back in my Filofax at the moment, but I wonder if I wouldn't be happier in a notebook, really.

  6. I think we all need to follow your example and have customised diaries! I bought a fancy diary earlier in the year and haven't started to use it yet as I felt it was 'too nice' to spoil! x

  7. What a wonderful,idea! I am a list maker and a notebook person too, and am just getting into housekeeping routines properly. I love the idea of a customized diary like this.

  8. I discovered bullet journaling last year and have never looked back, I love it. All my lists and information in one place, I've never been so organised.