Wednesday, 15 July 2015

To Cook or not To Cook

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I don't know about you but these days I tend to do my grocery shopping in more than one place. We like certain products from certain places and with an ever increasing need to make our money go as far as it can I need to make sure I buy wisely.
So for instance I go to Sainsburys because we all like their tomato ketchup, I go to Tesco because I know our cats will eat their own brand of cat food and I go to Lidl for their cheese because it's so much more reasonably priced. 
Some places I go to for just a couple of items and one of those places is Iceland. It just so happens I was in here a couple of weeks ago and feeling really fed up with the whole idea of cooking and so I bought 3 frozen ready meals. 
I had had enough of people complaining about the food I cooked, suddenly not eating things I have been cooking for ages saying they now didn't like them, deciding they didn't fancy what was on offer, the list went on.
When I served up tea that night and presented them with the ready meal they were genuinely shocked. 'We never have ready meals' T exclaimed.
I explained that I was fed up.
It wasn't just a case of going to the kitchen night after night and opening the cupboards and making something appear.
I explained how I planned the menu for the week trying to ensure a variety of foods, I wrote a shopping list, I shopped for and paid for the food needed and then I stood in the kitchen and cooked it all.
With all that effort I was then more than a little ticked off when I then ended up scraping that food into the bin.
Discussions were had.
Things have improved for all.
One new recipe I have tried and which has been given the thumbs up is for something called Lazy Cheeseburgers. I didn't serve them in buns but with slices of garlic bread and this sweet and sticky BBQ rice.
It's quick and easy and good for a mid week meal.


  1. I can imagine how frustrated you must feel. I spent my childhood eating vegetable stew as that was what we could afford, grown on our allotment. I didn't like it and I moaned about it but I had to eat it all. I'm sorry now for moaning as it was hard for my mum but I'm glad she made me eat it as I really like veg now. Not easy though!x

  2. I know how you feel ! after work, I pop next door to the Co-Op & try to be inspired. Last night I was so tired I went for packets of stir fry veg & noodles on offer ( last day stickers ! ) and added chicken.
    Joe's the worst, he will sniff the aroma in the kitchen & ask what's cooking. More often than not disappointed ! I wish he'd start to cook; Jess & Roddy both cook which gives me a break.
    I'd love to add more veg & lentil based meals but only Roddy & I would eat them.

    Hey ho a few days away planned at the weekend with a couple of meals out ! xx

  3. What a perfect summary of most mothers lot! My own brood has left the nest now, but I find I am going through the same old process with my grandsons! Heaven help me now they are about to break for their summer holidays. They are good boys but the thought of planning and preparing all their meals for the next five or six weeks does not fill me with holiday spirit! Xx

  4. Those Lazy Cheeseburgers look lovely. I know just how you feel, I get fed up of cooking sometimes too, in fact, I'm feeling a bit that way at the moment so Eleanor cooked on Monday, Mick cooked on Tuesday and Eleanor was out with friends for her birthday yesterday so Mick and I had something quick, real comfort food, egg, chips and beans, though Mick substituted the egg for sausage as he won't eat egg. I think having a rest from cooking sometimes does the trick so it's good that both Mick and Eleanor will help out in the kitchen when I get sick of cooking. I'm making a roast dinner tonight.

  5. There is nothing worse than spending all that time and effort to produce a meal and for the rest to turn their noses up. It used to drive me crackers. These days there are just the three at home now and I know what Adam will and won't eat but on the odd occasion he will try something new. And D just has to eat it or go without I don't run a restaurant never wanted to therefore if they don't like what I serve they can make their own. You only get one life and it's too dam short to be stressing over meals. Glad yours have seen the error of their ways and appreciate the effort you go to.

  6. I am forever trying to feed the family and am always being told 'there isn't anything to eat'. When I ask if they want to come to the shop with me and choose their food or pick what they want I am told 'no its OK you decide' which is a tad frustrating! I prepare and cook nearly all meals apart from pizza once a week and occasionally oven chips. I really think we get taken for granted Lisa!!! x

  7. I know how you feel. I was so fed up today that I have given him a sandwich and pork pie!! I find it so hard planning for each day. I am better than I was, I used to be fed up every other day, now it's about once every other week! I don't mind the cooking, it's the idea making I struggle with and if him indoors can't occasionally come up with an idea then he can eat bread!!!

  8. I hear you, Lisa! My kids do eat what I cook (there are certainly no alternatives on offer if they don't) but sometimes they moan and say they don't want it, would rather have something else, or look less than enthusiastic. They used to do this a LOT, until we had The Chat (ie. a mum rant) and I must say they are much better now. Sometimes they even compliment me on my cooking - yes, really! It's a relentless process though, all the planning, shopping, preparing, cooking and clearing away - wish we had a chef! xxx

  9. I'm sorry you've had to deal with this. I can see why you are frustrated. I've not had to deal with this. Well when the children first arrived it was nightmarish, but then I started a no-thank you bite and the concept of taste buds getting used to food, and life just changed within days. Everyone eats everything, though I do understand not everyone will like everything, but I've explained to both there should be 3 or less things they don't like/won't eat. Wee girl doesn't like olives and is allergic to salmon. Wee boy will eat everything at home, just like wee girl. They eat kale, avocado, broccoli, bak choi, peas, carrots, every fruit and veg actually. Wee boy away from home is a nightmare with food for them, but they also don't follow my approach and I think it feeds into the challenge, sadly. We don't complain about food in our house. I may sometimes but then I get lots of nice reassurances "it isn't too bad Mummy" which says a lot! ;) And we always thank the cook at the end of the meal. Hoping you chat makes for an easier time for you. xo

  10. I guess I have this to look forward to!

  11. Good for you. I often feel fed up with cooking - well, not so much the cooking, but the thinking and planning and shopping and trying to please everyone. Since I went back to work John does a lot of the shopping and cooking now thankfully, but I still struggle to find a meal that everyone loves, except a roast dinner, which we only do now and then, and not in the summer. Thanks for those links, there are some great ideas there. x

  12. I bet when they ate the ready meals they realised what they were (not) missing too!!! Just catching up - LOVED S's words from her new school. Have a great week xxxxx

  13. These days, with our crazy working hours I don't have the time to shop around so just troll round Sainsbury's once a week. I do buy my meat from the local butcher though because it works out better value and it's much better meat.