Sunday, 26 July 2015

So Many Happy Things

Another big round up of our family happenings is due.
The last couple of weeks at school were a bit different.
T spent a fortnight at his old (S's current) junior school completing his work experience. 
He really enjoyed the experience of helping the children in class and he even volunteered for extra activities outside of the school day, staying on a couple of times to help with tidying away after a leaver's assembly and the school fayre.
S has also been having an exciting time as she went on a school camping trip.
They went away Tuesday 14th and came back on Friday 17th.
 It was wall to wall activity during the day with things such as abseiling, canoeing, raft building and  a zip wire and then they were kept busy each evening with games and a disco.
I've never seen S look as tired as she did when she came home!

A piece of S's art work- baguette and salad made from tissue paper

We didn't make any plans for the weekend after S came home thinking she probably wouldn't be wanting an early start or a long day out. The most we managed was a gentle stroll in the direction of a local church's summer fete. I liked these flowers made from empty fizzy drink bottles which were planted along the path leading up to the church.

The past couple Sundays haven't been great for car booting and it's been a while since we've been, but this doesn't mean I haven't been buying the odd item for myself or the home. I took a bag of donations into T's charity shop and spotted this hand knitted cushion in the window on my way in. I paid £1.50 for it.

This past week has been full celebrations as on Tuesday it was my birthday. I went for coffee with a good friend in the morning, spent the afternoon at work and then spent the evening opening presents and playing swingball in the garden. Wednesday I went out with my mum and sisters and there were more presents. There may also have been a takeaway treat. 
I know some who read my blog like to see the pile of presents my sister  C and I exchange and I will show the ones she gave me over the course of a few posts. We set a budget of £10 to spend and items have to be preloved. We have broken this rule a few times when things seen in shops have been just too good to miss and this birthday four of the ten gifts I received from C were brand new and it's these I'm sharing today.
I absolutely love the storage jar although I haven't yet decided what I'm going to use it for.
The tins are fab too, stripes and dots and the colour combination are all things which make me happy.

And as if those items weren't enough just look at this swoon worthy mug and plate. There are two of those heart shaped plates. Not just one plate of prettiness two of them.
And these are just 4 items from a total of 10 which all in all cost £10, what a bloody marvellous sister.

And my other sister T is pretty marvellous at gift giving too.
Look at this cute baby blue cup, complete with teabag, biscuits and spoon.
That spoon needs closer inspection because

love tea has been stamped on it. 
Wrapped up alongside it was the knife.
That has spread love stamped on it.
How darned cute are they.

Keeping with the present theme for the moment here is S's little thank you for her teacher who was leaving the school at the end of this term.
Using a template I found online I cut out some paper shapes which S stuck together to make the face of an owl.
On the back she wrote
'Thank you for making me WISER in year 5.
Hope you have a HOOT in your new job.'

So now the school holidays have started.
 The first day T took himself off for an appointment with the orthodontist, he likes to be as independent as possible and S spent the day with a friend.
This summer is going to be different because it's the first time since becoming a parent I will be working during the 6 weeks holiday.

Today sees another birthday, this time it's my mum and this is the children's gift to her. A huge snuggly bath sheet in deep shade of purple, with a set of berry scented candles and a bottle of blackberry memories bath foam. In my opinion a nice little trio of happy things.
We've been out for a birthday lunch where the children shared a dessert called Candymania. This huge glass goblet contained chocolate and vanilla ice cream, cream, twix bars, a cookie, M&M's and Maltesers. 
It was one very large happy thing.


  1. I can't believe how much great stuff your sister got you for £10! I always enjoy seeing your bargains I have to say. Sounds like a lovely week of birthdays and celebrations - happy belated birthday to you. x

  2. Such a lovely post Lisa full of happy things! Belated Birthday wishes to you. You have received some wonderful Birthday gifts - I especially like the knife and spoon!x

  3. It's amazing that you got so much out of £10! Sounds like you've all been enjoying the last couple of weeks!

  4. Wonderful gift giving all round. Glad you had a lovely birthday x

  5. Happy birthday, to you and your mum! Lovely pressies all round! xxx

  6. I absolutely love it when you share the pressies you and your sister buy! LOVE those tins and the heart-shaped plate! What an absolute classic set! Ha, I knew you'd like dress, we both love our polka dots! I might take Maricel's idea and see if I can turn it into a top or something!!x

  7. OOoh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!x