Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Morning Stroll

With me having to start work at 1pm and S having to go and spend the afternoon with my mum we needed to make the most of the morning.
A short walk seemed like the ideal solution.
I thought a return visit to West End copse would be ideal as it's near to where my mum lives.
Last year I took a photo of S sat on the oversized chair with G and today she offered a hand up to her nan so they could also have one taken together.

When we reached the sign post we followed the route for Pine Walk and made plans for taking an alternative route next week.

I don't think so Miss S, up you jump we've still got a bit of walking to do!

Always a treat to see a robin and this one, very obligingly, stayed just long enough for me to snap his photo.

An hour and a half spent outside this morning certainly made my 5 and a half hours in the surgery this afternoon more bearable, whilst S was able to spend more time outdoors helping her nan in the garden.


  1. Lovely photos and I agree, a bit of outdoors time makes a big difference each day!

  2. Sounds lovely as I am sitting in my very warm office again today.

  3. I grabbed a few moments in the garden last night after a busy day in the shop. The chair makes your mum & S look tiny !

  4. S looks quite comfy on that tree trunk. Lovely photo of the robin too. x

  5. I love the chair! Although I'd love getting up... but not so much getting down again!

  6. Lisa, your mum is so like you. Or, I should probably say, you are so like your mum! x

  7. What a lovely stroll and a great start to your day. You look like your mum. My mum is shrinking so much that she looks that little in normal chairs! xxxx

  8. I did the same walk more or less a while back. I found Pine Walk half by accident. Love the giant table and chair