Thursday, 2 July 2015

Transfer Day

Just words today. 
It's just something I wanted to record which S has written.
Yesterday was transfer day at school. The day where children spend time in their new year group, with their new teacher, in their new classroom.
S was very excited when she trotted off to school in the morning.
Thankfully she was just as excited when she came home again, brimful of things she wanted to tell me about the day.
One of the tasks they were set was to write about themselves and feelings they had, good and not so good, and liken them to animals.
I really liked what S wrote and her reasoning behind some of the choices.

There is a confident dolphin inside me who is always happy and cheerful.
S said she chose a dolphin as they look like they are smiling and the clicking noises they make sounds like they are having a happy conversation.

There is a working hard tiger inside me who is always cool and fantastic.
Well there is no arguing with her reasoning that a tiger is a cool animal. I also wondered if she felt they were cool because we have always called Tony (and he'll hate me for this) Tony Tiger after the Frosties character and she adores her brother.

There is a tidy hippo inside me who is always helpful and clean.
When the recycling bin is close to overflowing it's S we call upon to climb into the bin and stamp it down for us. She loves doing this, always has done. She decided that a hippo was the right animal as once a hippo sits on something it's got to be tidier as it's going to be so much smaller!


  1. Those are great! I like her logic!

  2. Those are great analogies!

  3. That's wonderful Lisa. One to treasure x

  4. I like what S wrote, especially about the dolphin. S is smiling and happy in all the photos I've seen of her so I think she's right.

  5. Please tell S from me that these are great! I like the hippo one especially. My husband is the 'hippo' that climbs into the recycling bin to squash it all down! x