Monday, 27 July 2015


Yesterday whilst at my sister's house she asked if I would like this cookery book she no longer wanted.
S and I had already decided Monday afternoon was going to involve some kind of baking so we gladly accepted the kind offer and then spent a while perusing it's pages.
In the end we selected two recipes.

The first was extremely quick and easy. 
Here is S proudly showing off the Snowballs.
They were made from melted white chocolate, cake crumbs and coconut.
You can tell she was pleased the result.

Our second choice was iced coffee biscuits.
S chose to bake them in 3 different shapes.
Hearts, ducks and, especially for her dad, guitars.
If these two are anything to go by we're going to be in for a tasty summer hols.


  1. Mmm, delicious! Yes, a summer of baking sounds fab! xx

  2. They sound good. S does look so pleased with the snowballs!

    Thanks for all the comments this evening - glad you have enjoyed the posts, I'm still playing catch up after the camping trip. I heard quite a few people snoring in neighbouring tents, hehe!

  3. My S has her mixer out and working hard; we've had cake the past 2 days!! The snowballs look brilliant; very suitable for certain occasions that (ahem) may be coming in about 5 months time!

  4. Mmmm biscuits. Can you please work through the book and let us know which are the very bestest??? I must find some easy biscuit recipes this year.

  5. Well done S! Snowballs = yum! But I don't like coffee, so I'd have to pass on the biscuits x

  6. I can't decide who enjoyed them more S or G :-)

  7. S is brilliant! I love her snow balls and guitar biscuits!x x