Sunday, 5 November 2017

Remember, Remember

Thursday was All Soul's Day.
A day to remember those we have loved and lost.
A candle on the mantle was lit for both mine and G's dad.


Friday was Fountain Pen Day. 
Last year I bought one of these disposable fountain pens in Peacock Green for writing out my Christmas cards.
I like to make card writing into it's own little occasion.
There should be nibbles and a Bailey's to hand and Christmas music playing, all helping to create the right kind of atmosphere.
I have a set of alphabet stamps and some festive stamps for addressing and decorating the envelopes and for this year I have chosen a new pink ink pen. 

Saturday was the birthday of Marguerite Patten. My brother-in-law bought me this set of cookbooks for Christmas a few years ago and they really make for interesting reading. I have made a few things from them and they really came in useful when both the children needed to take in food for a WW2 tea party when at junior school.
My plan had been to do a spot of baking yesterday but I'm trying to do some decorating as well as everything else and, well, something had to give and in the end it was the baking.

Talking of decorating I was painting our bedroom floor today and in the background I had on the movie Leap Year, which I know I have mentioned on here before.
Today is Love Your Red Hair Day and as Amy Adams is a natural red head and I love this movie it seemed like a good choice to go with.


  1. Mick bought me a fountain pen a year or two ago but I struggle with it, my writing just isn't as neat with a fountain pen as it is with a ball pen. I haven't seen Leap Year, that's a film I must watch out for.

  2. Love that first picture - just fabulous.

    When at school I was taught italic writing so used a special fountain pen and I so enjoyed writing with it.
    Fast forward to present day and alas I don't do quite so much handwritten letters etc. and when I do it is a 'Parker type (biro)Pen' not fountain ink!

    The days of handwritten letters and cards are dis-appearing, which is a shame.

    All the best Jan

  3. I haven't used a fountain pen for yonks but I loved mine!!! I prefer to not buy a disposable if I can though! I wonder where my Parker is? I love handwriting letters to my penpals.x