Wednesday, 8 December 2010

All Decked Out

Christmas has well and truly arrived at our house.
We look forward to the advent calendars each morning.
I would like to move into the house illustrated on mine.

The pudding teapot and other Christmas china is out in the kitchen

as is my Christmas apron which was a gift last year from a far-away friend.

The tree is up decorated with a few new decorations

and a few 'new' vintage baubles.

Had to include this one of Melvyn as he looked so cute.

Another new decoration is this miniature glass tree a present from my sister T, after her recent trip to Venice to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Tonight G has gone to London to watch a metal/rock gig. The children are sat at the table writing out Christmas cards for school friends and once that's done we've got a tube of artifical snow to play with.
Later on when they are nicely tucked up in bed I'm going to sit quietly with a cuppa and read through this. Christmas is offiically on it's way once I buy the Radio Times. I'm getting even more excited!


  1. Hi Lisa, very festive!

    I'm sorry I'm not making it out this week, I cant bare the cold right now!

    Prob going to town next week, got to start shopping soon!

    Clare x

  2. Love your christmas crockery. And I am moving in with you in that house! lol.

    We buy the radio times too at Christmas. Never for the rest of the year just for Christmas! lol.

    I have just read my girls on of 'our' (mine really) favourite bedtime stories. So they are tucked up nice and warm. DH is out at his work do tonight. I have a glass of wine a chicken Korma and I think the film Bright Star to watch! Perfect!

    MBB x

  3. You are looking festive. We only got our tree today, so poor thing is still outdoors. That will be my job next week to wade through the boxes of saved ornaments to decide what to use this year.

  4. Hello you!

    Radio times & a tin of quality street - it sums up my strongest childhood christmas memories......


  5. That's my dream house too. I love traditional advent calendars without the chocolate ... when I was a child we were so excited by the pictures inside the doors!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. Oh the Radio Times, brings back childhood Christmas memories every time!

  7. I love that advent calender...I had one similar last year and wanted to get one this year but couldn't find any.That little glass Xmas tree is so sweet! Mr Boo is just about to go up in the loft and get the decs I can start on the tree tomorrow...yipee! :0)

  8. Happy Christmas Lisa.
    Gosh I have not seen a Radio Times in a long while! really brings back memories for me too. I must get out and get one. Love the advent calendar and that teapot is gorgeous.
    A christmas apron is a must, all dressed up with pinny on just perfect!

  9. Oh I used to love getting the Christmas Radio Times... I would go through and write down everything I wanted to watch over the Christmas holidays.

    Victoria xx

  10. Its truly Christmas when you have bought the TV or Radio Times xxxxx

  11. Oooh, am excited now - didn't realise the Xmas Radio Times was out yet *puts on coat and rushes off to shop to pick one up*

    Love your little glass tree - gorgeous x