Thursday, 23 December 2010

No Bake Mini Puds

I made these this afternoon.
There were 40 of them but I had to test a couple!
Melt 100g butter, 25g soft brown sugar, 4 tbsp golden syrup then stir in 3 tbsp cocoa powder, 225g crushed digestive biscuits and 100g raisins. Roll mixture into balls and pop into petit four cases. I have topped half of them with melted white chocolate.


  1. They look so yummy! Just right to pop in your mouth,with a cup of coffee,after the Xmas lunch. :0)

  2. yummy. bet they are all gone by tomorrow. xxxx

  3. They look delicious, I'll be making my famous oreo cookies and cream cheese balls later this afternoon. So simple but so yummy. The diet starts on January the 6th, Merry Christmas to you and the family, I really enjoy your blog.

  4. Mmmmmmmmh!!! Where can I get an invitation for the J&J Christmas party?!
    Have a fantastic Xmas!