Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Part 2

T spent Christmas day in various states of happiness.

This face says ' oh I have got a remote control dalek!'
(thank you to Sainsburys for the half price toy sale which made this much more affordable!)

This face says 'Yay I have the Wii game I really, really wanted!'

And this face is just pure happiness.
(Thank you to G's work colleague to decided to sell her Singstar game and microphones the week before Christmas for £5 as otherwise we wouldn't have had the many hilarious moments we have had over the past few days!)

In contrast this is one of the few smiles S managed Christmas morning as she was feeling so poorly.

This is how S spent most of Christmas morning, snuggled under the quilt Diane made her last year.

Thankfully S brightened up for a while in the afternoon (although she was sick at bedtime for the second night running) and wore her Christmas dress as she wanted to show it to Nanny and Auntie C.
On Boxing day we were due to go to Salisbury to spend the day with G's family but his mum and sister are both ill so those celebrations have been postponed to Saturday. My mum was ill Boxing day (nothing to do with my cooking I hope!) and I seem to have developed another cold. I've never known a Christmas where so many people have been ill!


  1. Oh it's miserable when your little ones (or big ones)are poorly over Christmas! Hope everyone is feeling much better soon!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Me neither! Its like all the germs were saved up for this week! My mum hasnt come down with anything even though she was exposed to my flu and the DQ's sickness, but I know if she gets either before Easter we will get the blame for it! (when I say "we" I mean "I"). Singstar is fab - but makes me realise I'm not as good as I thought I was at singing! Poor S. I must admit that the highlight of my Christmas day was my 2 hour snooze on the settee after lunch with the sun on my face through the window, and when I awoke, the pots had been washed! Glad the quilt continues to cuddle and work its magic. xxxxx

  3. My sister's family were all poorly over Xmas.My nephew had a high temperature on Xmas day,but managed to stagger downstairs for a bit of turkey! Hope you're all feeling a lot better now. :0)

  4. Sorry to hear S has been poorly, I too have had the lurgy and too know many people whi have been ill over Christmas. Glad you all had fun anyway though, T looked like he was enjoying himself.
    Happy Christmas & have a wonderful 2011.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  5. Oh I hope you managed to have some fun despite all the illnesses, it's so miserable when everyone is ill particularly the children. My youngest daughter has been ill since the afternoon she broke up from school... Let's hope things improve over the next few days. HOpe you are all feeling much better now.

  6. Oh no poor you all!
    That wicked Wii games are always great winners with boys, eh?! My boss sent me shopping for his children in those crazy game stores, what a nightmare :)
    S is so beautiful, whatever she wears!
    Hope you're feeling better and could have proper celebration for the New Year!

  7. Great photos, Lisa, such a shame S was poorly on Christmas Day, do hope she's better now. Happy New Year to you all xx

  8. So sorry you were all so poorly! Do hope everyone is fully recovered now!