Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Home Front Christmas

This afternoon I had booked T and S into a free activity at one of the City's museums and learning from past experience I didn't tell them about it until a couple of hours before hand. This is because T moans along the lines of 'mum why do you have to find things for us to do all the time?!' I hoping that when he's older he'll look back and remember these things more fondly! I do appreciate that at 10 he is getting a bit too old for crafty outings such as these but having said all that he did enjoy this afternoon.
Before making the reindeer and card decorations, which you can see G very glamourously modelling above, we had a short talk on WW2. There were original ration books, old magazines, a gas powered iron and even an deactiviated incendiary bomb to look at. I could have spent ages looking at these and wanted to photograph them but unfortunately they got packed away before I was able to have a good nose. We ran out of time and so the reindeer had to come home noseless but I'm sure they'll be something suitable in the button tin.


  1. I still get the moaning, but still drag him out - I don't want him turning into a moron! I would love to turn him into a reindeer! If we only ever did things he wanted to do - it would be 24hour Playstation - and thats not going to happen xxxxx

  2. Make the most of it now ... my son's whole life right now is 'do I have to?' and 'yeh, yeh, I'll do it later!' At 18 he's too big to drag!
    Have a lovely, lovely Christmas!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. It's sad when they reach that age of not wanting to do lovely crafty activities any more, isn't it? We're on the cusp of it, too xx

  4. Merry Christmas Lisa!

    I cant wait to see what silly hats you wear this year and what silly antics you get up to!!

    See you more times in 2011!

    Clare xx

  5. Oh yes, I still remember last Christmas funny hats! :)
    Hope you and your fmaily have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Wishing you all a fun filled Christmas! :0)