Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Part 1

I wasn't planning on doing this in stages but Blogger is taking AGES to upload photos.
So the first offering is us all in our silly table present finery.

Scarf: present from the children
Drink: Sainsbury's Clementine bucks fizz
Purple hair clip: out of one of the crackers

G looking like Elton John's younger brother!

My mum wore her hat all through lunch.

Not the most flattering photo ever taken of my sister but certainly one of the funniest.

T wearing my hat and my sister wearing hers. How good of her to accessorise her scarf to match so well!


  1. This was really a wide offer, LOL!
    You're such a great family of comidians!

  2. Ha ha looks like lots of fun at your house!!!
    Ooooh clementine bucks fizz? I must get some for when I can drink again! clementines have been my craving!!!!

  3. The Clemantine Bucks Fizz sounds worth a trip to Sainsburys for! You all look totally mental - in the nicest way of course. xxxxx

  4. Ace!!
    You never fail to amuse me!

  5. Mad as hatters all of you!!!! Great fun!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. Brilliant pictures! Looks like you had a ball :)