Thursday, 8 March 2018

International Women's Day

For International Women's day G and I watched Suffragette.
Due to G's working pattern we saw this movie last Saturday evening.
As the review on the front says it is certainly an inspiring and unforgettable movie, but at times it was not easy film to watch.
Pair that with all the crying I did during Call the Midwife on Sunday and this meant we had two evenings full of emotion.

Cary Mulligan plays Maud Watts, an East End laundress whose world is torn apart as she becomes more and more involved in the Votes for Women movement.
The poverty, the abuse of and the violence towards women all make for extremely uncomfortable viewing but it is a movie that all should see.


  1. I must watch this. I did a project on the Suffragettes when I was at school.

  2. Oh Lisa! What a film. I'm not really an emotional woman, it takes a lot to make me cry, but this movie had me choked up. As you say not easy watching but it really shows what women actually went through to get this thing we all treat so carelessly now. Xx

  3. I watched Suffragette a while ago, it really shows what these women went through, especially when they were in prison. I watched a documentary recently, Clare Balding exploring the death of Emily Davison when she ended up being trampled to death by the King's horse on Derby Day and coming up with fresh evidence, it was really interesting. I think this week's Call the Midwife is going to be just as emotional with Barbara's funeral.

  4. I agree. That film is hard to watch, but my God, every girl, every woman, every man should watch it. It had me in tears at times too. We owe so much to those strong women.