Thursday, 16 September 2010

Eco garden part 2

Apart from the garden ideas, which I'm glad others have found just as interesting, there were plenty of other things on display.
Greeting you on entrance were these enormous pigs made from plastic. We all wanted to be able to have one of the smaller ones come home with us, not sure how we would've managed that one the train though! Each one was in fact a piggy money bank, complete with slot in it's back. They were part of the B&Q exhibit which was all about how we can do things around the home to help the environment which could in turn help us to save money.

S loved this water display, her hands were freezng cold after she spent ages playing with it.

These sheep are fab too helping to display the message on making sure your loft is properly insulated.

Extolling the virtues of line drying clothes and not resorting to a tumble dryer.

This statue is stood by the side exit of Marlborough House which then led onto

Clarence House. No idea if any royals were in residence on Sunday. This is where the garden ideas were on show.

Now I'm not entirely sure what this children's ark was about as I didn't get to read all the info about it, but I do know it's been touring around the country and it looks very jolly with all it's brightly painted paintwork.

S had been given the mascot doll, named Olivia, from her Rainsbows group for the week and so she came along for the visit too. Up on the ark's first floor there was a craft area and here in a workshop run by a couple of very nice girls from Traid, S got to make herself a little brooch with some felt, ricrac and a button. I was itching to make something too but it was busy and it was a session for the children!

S got a second craft session in the Marks and Spencer exhibition. They were giving out their organic cotton bags with the lovely Twiggy on which you could then go and decorate with pens and sticky shapes. In this, very bad, photo you can see the one Twiggy made herself. As it was busy I bought my bag home to decorate.

Outside the ark were a row of bikes which you could hop on to to help generate power.

T did his bit in a very relaxed fashion!

I thought this house made out of pallets was an ingenious idea.

Although I didn't eat one of these I thought they looked very nice indeed sat in their glass jars.

No garden party, eco or otherwise, would be complete without bunting and there was this gorgeous Union Jack patterned one hanging up at the tea and coffee stands

and even some printed onto the fabric trying to disguise the hoardings and such like.

On Sunday there was an Eco car rally happening outside the garden party and there were a few pieces such as this made from recycled car parts around.

We didn't spend much time looking at the cars, just a perusal as we wandered along on our way to the entrance, BUT there was someone there who I found much more interesting than cars. Kevin McCloud! G said when his voice come over the loud speaker I dashed off in it's direction like a lovelorn teenager! An pleasant unexpected bonus to what was a wonderful day out with my little family.


  1. Now aren't those pig shaped bushes great!

    Victoria xx

  2. I'm with you on the lovely Mr McCloud! It looks like a fantastic day out Lisa - great weather and hob nobbing with the Royals too!! So many great ideas and fantastic photos,

  3. Those pigs are so cute. I want one!! x

  4. Looks like a fab day out. And I really really need one of those pigs - they're fantastic!!

  5. Love the pigs :)

    What a great place to visit.