Monday, 27 September 2010

rummage and a ramble

I went to my first jumble sale for ages on Saturday morning. I was quite excited at the prospect of having a good rummage and managed to buy a couple of tops and 3 new skirts. This green one is my favourite. Perfect autumn colour I reckon.
After I had finished my bargain buying we set off for Salisbury and spent a very nice afternoon catching up with G's family.

On Sunday we knew we had a few things to do at home, but we also wanted to make sure we got out for a walk too so I checked the large bundle of leaflets I have accumulated which provide me with ideas for where we can locally and we chose a local nature park on the outskirts of town.

It was great for exploring, the children ran off ahead to see what could we found. This horizontally twisted tree trunk caught our eye.

There were still plenty of blackberries to be had

and lots of holly with the berries turning red.

Walking over this bridge led us out the other side of the copse where we found

a playground complete with a dinosaur

and gym equipment.

Back into the copse where we found a duck pond. The ducks immediately swam over to us and then lost interest when they realised we didn't have any bread for them. We also happened across these brown eyed beauties.

And this little minibeast was sunning itself on the fence. When it was flying around it's wings glinted a dazzling blue in the sunlight.

Back home we spent a little time playing on the Wii. I was compeltely hopeless at some kind of fencing game, which caused a great amount of laughing all round. S on the other hand was superb and her opponents were soon dismissed.
So I retired to the kitchen and left the experts to it and made a meal from this month's issue of Good Food magazine. French onion sausage hotpot. Apparently it tasted delicious.


  1. mmm all looks similar to our weekend, minus the gym!!

    Aren't we meant to be doing housework?
    It is monday after all hehe!


  2. Great weekend activities!! My G was working and the DQ was home to do her Saturday and Sunday job, so my weekend was full of washing/ironing and general housework! I love outdoor gyms in parks - such a brilliant idea. The Casserole looks v tasty - will give that a try. xxx

  3. That hot pot sounds amazing!!!

    Victoria xx

  4. Definately the weather for hotpot.Looks like a fun weekend! :o)

  5. what a choc-a-block weekend! Pop over to my blog as I have a well deserved award for you to pick up Hun!
    Deb x

  6. Now I see where the sun went on Sunday! Another great family weekend!

  7. Hi, can't remember how I found you but glad I did. A blog with the word "jumble" in has to be a good one in my opinion! I'll definitely be back!

  8. Looks like a fun weekend for everyone!
    Lou x

  9. Very jealous to hear about your visit to a jumble sale... not been to one in ages! Hoping they will start up soon, so will buy a local paper at the weekend.... Lizzie