Saturday, 25 September 2010

this week I

:took T to the orthodonist to see if he was ready to have braces fitted. Not yet another 6 months to wait.

:went to TK Maxx to buy a chopping board. Bought a chopping board and the little bird tea light holder and PEACE bricks.

:didn't go to my weekly Zumba class as I was too shattered by 7.45pm to think about doing something so energetic.
:went to work on Tuesday to find out all sorts of major changes are underway and the office is full with feelings of uncertainty and concerned colleagues.
:did my weekly stint in the charity shop and only bought 3 things for myself. The shop has just had a re-fit and was very busy so I was limited in my looking around time!
:bought a new car and have enjoyed driving it. Thanks for the comments on the colour.
:met a friend at the art gallery to see writers of influence-shakespeare-j.k.-rowling touring exhibition which was fabulous. We also managed to squeeze in time for tea and cake!
:took T along to the first open evening of 3 to check out prospective senior schools.
:have had very little time to blog or read blogs, must try harder.


  1. My,you've had a busy week! Love your TK MAX buys.I like the fact they have new stock coming in every day and you never know what you're going to find.It's not nice having to wear braces...but the end result will be worth it I'm sure.
    Have a lovely weekend :o)

  2. Hi Lisa
    You're a busy bee!! That's a very fine looking car you have there, green being my most favourite colour. TK Maxx, aah, one of my pals is an ace TKMaxx shopper and finds the most amazing buys, as indeed it seems you are too! Such a cute little bird.
    Wishing you a happy weekend and good luck with the secondary school visits,
    D x

  3. Now that sounds like a funpacked, full week to me!
    Love the colour of the new car, very now...

    Wishing you a gorgeous weekend!

  4. Sounds like a typical week to me!! The dancing queen had braces for a couple of years - apparantly they are trendy to have these days. xx

  5. Not to worry about the absence from Blogland - it happens!!

    Thinking of you and hoping that all goes well with, well, everything! xoxo

  6. Morning just sent you an email.
    Zumba class, is that crazy dancing?
    I'd love to see that!!