Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A green one

The deal has been done.
I drove our old red Vauxhall Astra on it's last journey with us so it could be exchanged for a green Peugeot 307.
The difference is amazing. This car is half the age of our old one and the controls are so much lighter and more sensitive, it'll take a couple of trips to get used to.
I was sad to see our old car go.
My dad helped us choose it and it's done it's job (mostly) very well over the 4 and a half years we had it.
I do like the colour of this one new though!


  1. It's always exciting and a little scary driving a new car ... I like the colour ... we have 3 black cars on our driveway!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. It's sad letting go of an old car...they somehow have their own personalities don't they?
    We need a new car..ours has done over a 1000 miles.Have fun driving your new one! :o)

  3. ...I left off some noughts..I meant 100,000!

  4. Lovely!! I have a green car too, good choice I'd say!!

  5. I love that color to pieces!!! Very soothing. Have fun!

  6. Ah yes - the colour of a car is one of its most important features to us ladies!! Its lovely - I hope it gets you all from A to B safely too. xxx

  7. Hello, long time no talk! I could do with a new car, but i'm just to attached, sad I know.

    Lou xxx

  8. My car was that colour! Now I have a red pick up - a Toyota - the kind Top Gear tried to wreck! lol! I do my fair share but it is still here lol! Handy for remote roads and great in the snow - hubby drives in the snow - he loves it! ARGHHH!!!

  9. Lovely colour! I drive a light blue one!