Thursday, 30 September 2010

new additions

I may look like my mum, but I inherited my Dad's body shape. It's down to him I have these short chunky legs.
I find it difficult buying boots because it can be a trial squeezing my ample calves into them. So I was pleased as punch on Wednesday when I was doing my charity shop shift to find a pair of barely worn black boots which fitted me like a glove. Mine for £2.00.

I also found this top on the £1.00 rail.

This is destined for my sister's Christmas present box which is filling up nicely. I thought the colours were a bit Cath-esque. My sister's lounge is green and pink with hints of blue so it'll be perfect.


  1. I also have the same problem fitting into boots.You found a lovely pair and a bargain to boot..ooops...sorry about the pun! :o)

  2. Gorgeous top! Love the boots too. x

  3. I have the same problem with knee high boots!

    Victoria xx

  4. Yes the same boot problem here. Evans are usually quite good. They seem to do real sized boots. After all not many people's calves are the same size as your foot! Lovely top. And just love the blanket too. Lucky sister.

    MBB x

  5. Hmmm, know what you mean bout the boots/calves problem! I can never find any either. Those look great on and what a bargain.
    Cute top too, and as for the blanket, I would LOVE to find ne as pretty as that in a CS.

  6. Hello lovely lady! Thank you for your very kind comment!
    I had a rummage in a couple of charity shops last weekend and couldn't find anything interesting..why are you soooo lucky with your pretty finds?! :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. nice finds! I am with you on the boots, I am still searching for that elusive pair of black or brown boots that fit! Have to make do with lace up purple Doc Martens! Lizzie x

  8. Those boots are BRIL!!! My nickname at school was Cheicken Leges - and I am still super slim - from the knee down!!!!. Great finds as ever you super shopper. xxx

  9. you are the queen of bargains!
    dont like this weather much!

  10. Hi lovely Lisa, as usual your thriftiness inspires me! Loving the crochet blanket colours, am very envious!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sarah x

  11. I have exactly the same calf issue. Duo boots (they come in calf sizes) were a revelation to me (but expensive). You had some really great finds, didn't you?

  12. Lovely boots and top, Lisa! See from your reading list that you've just read The Pirate's Daughter - did you enjoy it? I read it a couple of years ago on holiday, and just loved it.

  13. heehee-I was reading this post and didn't scroll far enough to see the blanket- i thought it was the new top that you thought would go nicely with your sisters lounge!! I was thinking "Blimey, how organised, having clothes to match your sofas and carpet..." and then obviously I saw the fab blanket. Heehee. We all need a laugh.
    I have rubbish boot finding missions as well. I am sure there was far more choice for us with the chubby calves last year than there is this year? or is it just me?x