Sunday, 5 September 2010


As Southampton was the city the Titanic set sail from on her maiden voyage and as most of the workers on board were from the city we have quite a lot of memorials and important buildings connected to this tragic piece of history.
Today in town was a short ceremony to mark the unveiling of the restored memorial to the engineers who died as they selflessly continued to work at their posts as the ship was sinking. This memorial was originally unveiled to a crowd of thousands who had gathered for the event in 1914. It's obviously taken a bit of a weatherbeating in that time, by clicking here you can see how it was looking until recently.
There was only a very small crowd today (and there were TV cameras too) even so I wasn't able to get a clear shot, but here is a taster of how it looks now,with just a smidge of a huge Union Jack flag which was used to shield it until the grand unveiling, but which kept billowing up in the stiff breeze!

If you ever visit the City I would recommend doing one of the Titanic walks by the local guides. I did one earlier in the year with my sister. In fact if you visit I might be able to rememebr enough to take you on one myself, followed with tea and cake of course!


  1. If I ever get thet way again I might just take you up on that tour....and the cake of course!
    The memorial looks wonderful again.

  2. Memorial looks wonderful. If ever get to Southampton again I'll do a tour.

    Hugs RosieP x

  3. Put me down for a tour in March - I think thats when the boys team play yours. The memorial looks stunning. xxx

  4. What a lovely memorial. Yes please for a tour ... and cake of course lol. x

  5. A lovely memorial for such a sad event in history.

    And how kind an offer of tour guide with tea and cake incentives.

    Have a lovely week.

    MBB x