Wednesday, 6 January 2016

12 Days of Christmas Swap

To prolong that lovely bubble of Christmas giving and generosity my blog friend Jo and I have, for the second year, exchanged gifts for the 12 days of Christmas.
Starting on 25th December and ending on 5th January it's so lovely having a little treat to look forward to each day.
I always save mine for the evening and the days when I was at work it was so nice coming home to.
I wasn't organised enough to take photos of the presents I sent to Jo, but if you would like to see them then click here to go to Jo's post.
When Jo blogged about our swap last year lots of people commented saying what a lovely idea it was and so late last year Jo very kindly co-ordinated a swap for others who wanted to join in.

So with no further ado here are my gifts......

A necklace and bracelet set in colours and a style which I would definitely have chosen for myself and a very cute lavender scented fox to hang in my wardrobe.

No swap is complete without chocolate and I was lucky enough to receive this pack of Green and Black miniatures. As well as the chocolate I have a tin of Danish cookies, both have been hidden away for me to dip into when I feel the need!
The other item in this photo is a fluffy elephant book mark, hard to get a decent photo of him in the dreary light.

Next is a pretty compact mirror which is now in my handbag, a set of lip balms (one of which is also in my handbag) and three bath fizzers. I think S has her eye on these.

The next two photos are, again, not great.
I love this heart shaped sun catcher. The colours are so deep and vibrant.
At the moment it's hanging up in our bedroom. I'm not sure whether it will stay there, I need to wait for a proper sunny period to try it in different places around the house.

Another foxy item, this time a windchime. I've got this handsome fellow hanging in the dining room at the moment. Again where he'll end up living isn't decided yet.

These two memo magnets are living on the freezer and have already been used for leaving notes to the children.

Last up is the gift I opened first. How cute are these two kitty cats. I do love a good jigsaw and with so much grey, black and white this is a tricky one to do, but it will be completed it.

Thank you Jo for all my fabulous gifts.
I hope everyone who took part enjoyed it as much as I did.


  1. What lovely bits and pieces, Jo thoroughly spoilt you (and you her), it was such a good idea for a swap xx

  2. It was such a great swap to take part in and so good of Jo to organise us all wasn't it. She sent you some lovely things! xx

  3. It is a lovely idea to liven up the dreary days after christmas!

  4. Glad you like the gifts I sent, it's such a fun swap to take part in, and now that I know it's 'our' yearly thing, I keep a lookout throughout the year for bits I think you'll like. Thank you for everything you sent to me, I love everything and I was thoroughly spoilt.

  5. Lisa, a lovely swap ... many thanks for sharing.

    Hope your Thursday is going well, we could certainly do with an improvement in our weather couldn't we?

    All the best Jan

  6. What lovely gifts Jo sent to you. Its so nice to prolong that Christmassy feeling too, especially while the weather is so cold, wet and miserable. Happy New Year to you. Debbie x

  7. Those gifts are so thoughtful- I love the idea of opening something every day after Christmas!

  8. I'm not sure if my last comment posted but I just wanted to say what a lovely idea this is! It's clear how much thought went into them <3

  9. Grrrr, I hate my phone, I KNEW my comment had been lost in bad connection!! The gifts are really delightful and it really is a nice idea which means you have something to look forward to!!Xx

  10. What a great idea and some lovely gifts there too.

  11. You received (and sent) some fabulous gifts. I loved taking part in this swap!
    Best wishes